7 Guides With Practical Ideas To Capture Magical Golden Hour Photos


Golden hour is one of the most sought-after and appreciated times of the day for photography and with the sun low on the horizon and everything glowing in golden hues, this time of the day can help to capture stunning photographs of landscapes, and architecture, portraits to even street photography. The golden hour, also called the magic hour, is the time after sunrise and the time before sunset and the time when the light is soft and perfect. The duration of the golden hour can vary with seasons and days, latitudes, and also will depend on the weather conditions and other factors.

Here are some guides that will help with some practical ideas to capture magical photos during the golden hour.

The Golden Hour In Photography

Light is one of the most important factors in photography and photographers are always on the lookout for the best light possible to get the best out of the scenes and subjects in front of them. When shooting outdoors, it is important to find the right time to capture the photos under great light conditions. One of those is the golden hour and this guide by Photography Mad talks about the golden hour along with some tips to capture stunning photos during this time of the day.

Golden Hour Photography: The Definitive Guide

Golden hour is magical and during this time, the sunlight illuminates the subjects with rich tones of yellow, orange or red depending on certain factors and time of the day, making things glow and look beautiful. Golden hour is a great time for all kinds of photography and this detailed guide from PhotoPills will help you to capture jaw-dropping shots during the golden hour.

fields at golden hour
Photo by Calvin Weibel

Golden Hour Photography: A Landscape Photographer’s Guide

When it comes to landscapes, most photographers prefer rich colours and a bit of drama that helps to enhance the textures and add depth to the photographs. The warm diffused light makes the golden hour a preferred time for landscape photographers. Here is a landscape photographer's guide from Nature TTL that talks in depth about golden hour landscape photography.

practical ideas golden hour
Photo by Zac Porter

Best Camera Settings For Golden Hour Photography

With golden hour photography, you need to get the settings right in your camera in order to achieve the best results. There are a few things to take care of if you wish to capture the image as you see it in front of you. This guide from Brendan Williams goes through the best camera settings for golden hour photography, so you always capture the perfect shot.

Tips For Street Photography During Golden Hour

Street photography is not a genre that is much talked about when discussing photography during the golden hour. In fact, street photography during the golden hour can be quite magical and dramatic and help with capturing creative golden hour street photographs. Here is a video shared by Picture Correct, where photographer Frederik Trovatten shares some tips on street photography during the golden hour.

practical ideas golden hour
Photo by Hans Ott

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Golden Hour

Golden hour is the time when most photo sessions are scheduled, for example, portraits, weddings, landscapes, etc. This is the time of the day if conditions are favourable, photographers can come home with dreamy photographs. Here are some things shared by The Click Community, you probably would not have known about the golden hour.

Learn How This Golden Hour Portrait Was Shot And Edited

Besides landscapes during the golden hour, portraits are a favourite for photographers because of the soft magical light and the colours in the surrounding areas. Shooting and editing golden hour portraits require a slightly different approach in order to achieve the best results. This video from FJH Photography shared by F Stoppers is an excellent video tutorial that will show you how to shoot and edit a golden hour portrait.

portraits at golden hour
Photo by Camila Blando

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