Google Can Now Help You Detect AI-Generated Images


The number of services offering generative AI capabilities is growing by the day.

microscope examining slide
Microscope examining slide. Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng

If you’ve paid attention to this blog, you’re probably aware that Google recently debuted such a feature in the company’s famous search bar.

Now, after offering you help with creating AI images, the company wants to help you identify them using image metadata.

It makes sense given the company’s primary focus on returning relevant search results to users.

And using it is simple enough: Engadget demonstrates it on an image search results page by accessing the three dots and then running a scan of the image. In addition, you’ll get much more than that with information including the original publication date.

Envisioned as a way to combat “fake news” reports using AI-generated imagery, it will be interesting to see how sophisticated it is in distinguishing some sort of malicious intent from a benign one. Of course, we imagine in the beginning that it won’t be able to do this which makes us ask “Will product images using AI-generated backgrounds come up as a ‘fake’ or how will it be classified?”

Engadget notes that this feature will be rolled into Google’s existing “Fact Check Explorer” tool, an app developed to help journalists navigate the sea of digital information out there.

In contrast to this, we recently covered a world-first award for the best AI-generated image not too long ago. While this brought up questions about “how” AI can be art, it simultaneously underscored the development of this “trend” as a whole genre all its own.

Any thoughts on the proliferation of AI-generated images as well as ideas about how that media should be set apart from more traditional forms are welcome in the comments below.

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