Hollywood Studios Low-Key Embracing AI?


Are more Hollywood studios embracing AI but not advertising it for “reasons”?

brown and white hollywood sign
Brown and white Hollywood sign. Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas

According to a recent Hollywood Reporter article, they’re doing just that.

We’ve covered how transformational artificial intelligence is becoming for our industry.

Even Adobe worries that it could put its bread-and-butter customers out of business one day.

But that hasn’t stopped the progression of AI and it looks like things are only going to ramp up from here as the technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated.

VFX industry veteran told The Hollywood Reporter, “There are tons of people who are using AI, but they can’t admit it publicly because you still need artists for a lot of work and they’re going to turn against you,” says David Stripinis, a VFX industry veteran who has worked on Avatar, Man of Steel and Marvel titles. “Right now, it’s a PR problem more than a tech problem.” 

Some recent films from A24, a studio known for its indie bent, were accused of using AI-generated imagery in its advertisements. The reaction to this was enough for A24 to acknowledge that no one “likes” AI-generated imagery but it’s hard to tell if that means it’s a no-go from here on out. 

At issue here, as in many of our stories, is that AI could put a lot of people out of work from photographers to videographers to graphic design artists, writers, and many more. It’s a cascading effect that scares people as the changes could be rapid and devastating for many people. 

Naturally, there are many great reasons why AI should be welcomed but there is an increasing awareness of the need for ethics around the situation. 

Any thoughts you might have on movie studios using AI are welcome in the comments. 

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