Holographic Video AI Lets Woman Attend Her Own Funeral


AI is infiltrating everything these days.

One of our favorite avenues happens to be text-to-image art. Whether it is DALL-E or TikTok’s latest filter, we’re pretty impressed with the variety of styles and sheer creativity some of these AI programs are able to generate.

Hologram projection of person on stage. Photo by Becky Fantham

What about AI holograms of actual people, interacting as if they were right there with you?

That’s a whole other topic entirely, especially when it comes to the dead.

Now, we’ve seen the celebrity thing done and to somewhat mixed results. It makes some sense that people still want to see yesterday’s top musicians on stage. But what about interacting with a dead family member and at her own funeral nonetheless?

Some people in Marina Smith’s family faced this exact scenario as the Holocaust educator reportedly recorded hours and hours of footage using 20 synchronous cameras, PetaPixel reports, giving LA-based StoryFile enough to make a digital clone of her capable of answering questions at her own funeral.

It also helps that her son, Dr. Stephen Smith, is the founder of StoryFile, a company dedicated to the deep fake technology behind Marina Smith’s Q&A session, and making it that much more memorable in the process.

“The extraordinary thing was that she answered their questions with new details and honesty. People feel emboldened when recording their data. Mourners might get a freer, truer version of their lost loved one,” he told The Telegraph.

What are your thoughts on holographic AI? The way of the future or an idea best left on the drawing board? Let us know in the comments.

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