Instagram Introduces Slew of Much-Wanted Convenience Features


Do you have a bunch of old Instagram posts that you want to delete but you don’t have the time to do that one by one?

selective focus photo of black and white delete, enter, power button, and F12 computer keys
Photo by Ujesh Krishnan

Instagram has a solution for you (and you may have heard of it before: Bulk delete.

You can now trash a bunch of your old Instagram memories, along with a bunch of other convenience features, as part of a new raft of updates from Meta’s darling division.

Aside from that, there are some pretty neat security features coming to the platform as well, including Duo mobile app authentication (as well as Google Authentication). There will also be a way to recover your account via your friends should that need arise. Yet, as alluded to above, the stars of the show for this set of features have to be those housed under the umbrella “Your activity.”

It doesn’t just give users a few management options, either; rather, a whole host of much-needed features that will make Instagram account management easier than ever before.

“People will now be able to bulk manage (delete, archive) their content (posts, stories, videos and Reels) and their interactions (comments, likes, story sticker reactions, etc.) In addition, people will be able to sort and filter their content and interactions by date and search for past comments, likes and stories replies from specific date ranges, all in one place. You can also use this to find content that you’ve recently deleted or archived, check out your search history, see the links you’ve visited and the amount of time you’ve spent on the platform and download your information.”

There will also be an “Account status” screen that will let users who violate community guidelines know what they did and, ostensibly, how to avoid getting an account banned.

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