Instagram Makes Transforming Content Into Memes Easier


After some more than glowing reports about its ongoing competition with TikTok, Meta’s crown jewel Instagram isn’t slowing down when it comes to rolling out new features.

black laptop computer beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
Black laptop computer beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table. Photo by Mylene Tremoyet.

And this latest fleet of changes pretty much underscores all of that with a particular emphasis on content iteration, particularly of the viral variety.

In other words, if you’ve wanted some editing features to help you transform your captures into viral memes, Instagram’s latest updates are here to help you with just that.

What are some of those updates? The addition of an undo/redo feature for clips, making memes out of clips and adding them to your Reels in a Media Clip tab, text-to-speech voices, new fonts and text styles, the ability to turn any photo into a sticker, new moods for photos and carousels, and a bunch of new analytical information including a “Retention Chart.”

The last one may be of particular interest to power users of the app and includes, “…improvements to help you better understand how your Reels content is performing. Both Instagram and Facebook have introduced a new Reels metric called ‘Replays’ and have updated the definition of Reels ‘Plays’ to also include ‘Replays’ in addition to “Initial Plays.” You may notice an increase in your Reels ‘Plays’ as a result of this.”

Of course, all of this has to be taken into account with the launch of Meta’s new AI features to further enhance the Instagram experience. One thing that is interesting about these changes is that they simultaneously emphasize video content while also giving creators new avenues for photography. While we usually are talking about the rising importance of video everything on what were once considered photography apps, it is good to see that our favorite medium is not forgotten.

Let us know what you think about Instagram’s content iteration tools in the comments below.

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