Instagram Set to Launch New Subscribers Feature Next Week


Instagram has rolled out a slew of new features over the past several months but this next one might be the best yet for photographers.

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Starting next week, creators on the platform will be able to allow subscriptions to their feed as well as a bevy of perks and features that comes along with that.

Think of it as Patreon, except for Instagram’s interface.

It’s a pretty big deal – especially when it comes to paying for your craft and incentivizing creators on the platform.

In a tweet, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri outlined how it will all work:

“Subscriptions allow creators to monetize and become closer to their followers through exclusive experiences:

  • Subscriber Lives
  • Subscriber Stories
  • Subscriber Badges

We hope to add more creators to this test in the coming months. More to come.”

Just as with many of the other new features we’ve covered on this blog, there will be an initial testing period before rolling it out to everyone.

And as far as the recent changes to the platform go, we think this is probably one of the biggest and more than a huge step forward towards encouraging photographers on the platform after some mixed messaging delivered last year.

Of course, this is far from the only way to make money on Instagram but it is an awesome one for creators and probably one that is badly needed at that.

Some of the other ways to make money on Instagram include selling goods on the platform as well as the ever-popular “Influencer” path.

What do you think of the new subscriber feature Instagram will be launching? A boon for creators? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s newest feature in the comments below.

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