Instagram URL Host Linktree Now Worth $1.3 Billion in Latest Round


It’s not a secret that Instagram is quite a big business for mother company Meta.

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And now we’ve got proof that, not only is Instagram wildly popular, but even being associated with it is a profitable endeavor outside of the influencer game.

Linktree, a company that hosts URLs often seen in the “link in bio” posts on Instagram and other services, was just valued at $USD 1.3 billion in its latest round of funding.

What does Linktree do? It essentially provides Instagram users (and other social media platform users) with a way to collate all of their various online activities and presences into one easy-to-access place. Whether this is eCommerce related or simply branching out to other social media profiles, Linktree provides a quick, easy, and elegant way to do this and, with integrations with PayPal and others, it is only becoming more powerful by the day.

None of this is a surprise to the founder of Linktree who (obviously) saw an emerging industry around Instagram and other social media services.

“We started back in 2016 with a really clear use case to solve this problem for musicians and artists that needed a better way to link out of socials to all their different revenue streams, and we really needed to unify that experience for them to help drive monetization…There was nothing else like [Linktree] that existed. We created this category,” Alex Zaccaria told TechCrunch.

Of course, it’s not the only company in this space but it is, as of now, by far the most valuable.

Have you used Linktree with your Instagram account? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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