iPhone 15 Arrives with 3D Camera, More Powerful Features


It’s hard to ignore the announcement of a new iPhone iteration.

black and white digital device
Black and white digital device showing Apple “hello.” Photo by Alexander Shatov

And here we are, paying attention to what is arguably one of the bigger photography stories of the past few days. Why you might ask?

Aside from the usual feature upgrades, it looks like the iPhone is following the previously announced Vision Pro in that it, too, will integrate a 3D camera into the smartphone. That’s pretty cool and, other features notwithstanding, got us to pay attention.

It will also be a feature limited to the Apple iPhone Pro, Engadget reports. That probably wasn’t hard to surmise given its somewhat cutting-edge nature. It works using the iPhone 15 Pro’s new A17 Pro CPU and the 3D spatial captures will, naturally, be viewable on Apple’s forthcoming visor.

Apple also touted the Pro and Pro Max’s “equivalent” of 7 lenses, specifically, macro, 13mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 48mm and 120mm. Overall, the new lineup promises more robust photography and videography capabilities in addition to the requisite productivity apps and other features expected from modern smartphones (robust gaming, etc.). In terms of design, the phones sport a titanium case and “new” colors that will be familiar to longtime fans of the iPhone such as black, white, blue, and “natural” titanium.

One feature discussed and not to be overlooked is the ability of the iPhone 15 to take portrait photos without the need to access portrait mode. As you can probably guess, it uses object detection technology and measures depth information to allow users to create really awesome portrait photos if desired. You can check out the full list of new features over on Apple.

Any thoughts you might have on the iPhone 15, 3D cameras, or smartphone cameras in general are welcome in the comments.

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