Luminar Neo Rolling Out Generative AI Features


Not one to be left out of the crowd, the venerable Luminar Neo is adding AI-generative features in a staggered rollout that aims to deliver customers the best experience possible.

a computer generated image of the letter a
A computer generated image of the letter a. Photo by Steve Johnson

For longtime blog readers, you might recall our articles a few weeks back about Adobe introducing AI features in its suite of programs as well as Google’s addition of an AI-generative function to the staid search bar.

The three major features are GenErase, GenExpand, and GenSwap, FStoppers reports. As the names imply, erase uses AI to delete things from a photo and smooth it all out using fill generated by artificial intelligence while expand broadens the borders of an image and fills in the space with generated content. And, last but not least, swap allows creators to swap out objects within an image.

Of course, this isn’t everything planned for AI at Skylum. The company outlined some of its plans back in August but it is the beginning of integrating these features into its popular Luminar Neo. There’s a variety of pricing options depending on your relationship with the software with a subscription available.

According to Skylum, “Existing Luminar Neo lifetime (perpetual) license owners can opt to switch to the Pro subscription at an early bird rate ($49 for the first year), or they can make a one-time purchase of the 2023/24 Creative Journey Pass for $39 (early bird price). This pass will grant access to generative technologies until August 16th, 2024, as well as all new features announced and released before that date, except Extensions.”

Have you used any of the AI generative features currently on the market? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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