Macro Photography: 20 Closeup Photos of Ladybugs


When macro photography is well done it opens up a whole new world and we're sure you will agree, that these ladybug photos are quite remarkable.

To get you started with macro photography Ritesh Saini chose for us five fantastic and free ebooks that cover everything you need to start with macro photography. Read what Ritesh has to say about these ebooks in his great article, but I've also linked them here if you want to go straight to these great guides:

For inspiration, here are 20 stunning photographs of ladybugs

Егор Камелев
Lisa Fotios
Kie Ker
Jarosław Miś
Myriam Zilles
Martin Oslic
Dominik Scythe
Jill Heyer
Charlotte Descamps
Franco Patrizia
Ralph Klein
Elina Elena
Ralf Kunze
Егор Камелев
Sue Thomas
Patti Black
Gerhard Gellinger
Ralph Klein
Filip Kruchlik

We hope you've loved this gallery. Don't forget to check out our macro photography category…we have lots of great stories here to get you started. Also, if you are looking to get started with macro, there is no better place to start than photographing flowers. If you are interested, please take a look at photographer Leanne Cleavely's phenomenal guide Photographing Fabulous Flowers.

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Rob is the founder of Light Stalking. His love for photography started as a child with a Kodak Instamatic and pushed him into building this fantastic place all these years later, and you can get to know him better here.
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Macro nature shots are my favorite to take. And I love ladybugs. These are great. Makes me pine for spring and visits from the ladybugs to my garden.

I don’t have a good Macro lens but recently got a opteka 10x macro lens that attaches to my 18-55mm. Here is one of my first practice shots. undefined

Dear photographer,

Of the following animals we search for (macro) mood photos photographed in their natural environment, where the animal is clearly recognizable in this picture ( not half behind a branch / plant or hidden half in water / soil clogged).
We use this picture on a newly developed Best for Birds / Wild on Wildlife website on which we want to inform everyone about the special animals in the garden or nature and the importance of these animals. We are willing to pay up to 20, – Euro per good photo. Can you help us?

Solitary bees:
– Osmia leaiana
– Osmia leucomelana
– Osmia niveata
– Osmia tridentata
– Hylaeus communis
– White-jawed yellow-face – Hylaeus confusus
– Anthidium punctatum
– Orange-vented leaf-cutter – Megachile versicolor
– Chelostoma campanularum
– Sleepy carpenter bee – Chelostoma florisomne

Best regards,

Jeroen Verspuij

I have received a CANNON Power Shot sx50
I would love to start taking macro photo’s but do not know how to set it.
I do know I need to use a tripod….
Can you walk me trough the steps? PLease

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