Pot Plants That Pop – 20 Macro Plant Shots You Could Take at Home

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Shooting macro can lead to some really interesting photographs, but too often we leave the comfort of our own homes thinking there is something better to shoot at a different location.  Your potted plants provide such an excellent subject for macro photography, I'm amazed more people don't shoot them.  Here's 20 macro plant photos to show what you've been missing by leaving your home.

Vampire Plant?

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Photo by mclcbooks


Photo by OliBac

Haworthia reinwardtii var. reinwardtii

Photo by petrichor

Anemone is her name

Photo by tassiesim

White Heather

Photo by Steve_C

Pastel shades

Photo by Martyn @ Negaro

rain drops

Photo by –char–

Little Orchids--close up

Photo by Paradoxiko*Beck*

Whee nature!

Photo by BrittneyBush

The clorophyll highway

Photo by Spookygonk


Photo by racatumba

caper flower

Photo by –char–

Plant Pot

Photo by flag75*

Sago palm detail

Photo by GmanViz

on the many ways of filtering light

Caution: Edges Sharp

Photo by blentley

Photo by ecstaticist

Flowers in a star / Flores en una estrella

Photo by . SantiMB .

A musical note

Photo by Matthew Fang

a galaxy unfolding

Photo by josef.stuefer

Lil Bug- Best viewed large

Photo by aussiegall


Photo by Hamed Saber

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