Madonna Coffee Table Book Photos from 1992 Debut at Auction


Some of you might remember Madonna who was quite the pop icon back in the 1990s.

five assorted paintings on easels
Five assorted paintings on easels. Photo by Raychan

That’s not to say that she isn’t a big deal now; but back then, she was not only a music star but also an icon of fashion and photography.

One of the more controversial non-music-related works that she collaborated on was the infamous “Sex” art photo book. As the name implies, it contained some racy material but was done in the photographic style of that period which veers less into the salacious and pornographic and more into the fantastical, extreme, and even documentary style of photography.

Now, photos from that books are heading to auction for the first time since the book’s premiere in 1992.

Going on sale at Christie’s in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the book’s release, the photos going up this October were selected by Madonna, Meisel and Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of Saint Laurent, CNN reports. To give some idea of how popular the photobook was, an 800-run limited reprinting released for Art Basel in Miami sold out and an exhibition of some of the photos was popular at that same show, the website notes.

Each print sold will be signed by Meisel and Madonna with prices expected between $USD 50,000 to $USD 300,000.

Darius Himes, Christie’s deputy chairman and international head of photographs, said of the photographs, “The series captures a moment in time of one of the great fashion photographers of his generation and the queen of pop. While there’s playfulness and campiness, there’s also a classical nude study thing going on. I think they resonate across multiple generations.”

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