Meta Develops AI Capable of Rendering Your Thoughts


AI can do some pretty amazing things, but can it read your mind?

turned on red Psychic Reader neon sign
Turned on red Psychic Reader neon sign. Photo by Scott Rodgerson

A new development at Meta, formerly known as Facebook, claims to do just that as the company announced an AI tool capable of rendering your very thoughts into imagery with a degree of accuracy that, if true, is quite eerie indeed.

Social media at the speed of thought? Given how little thinking goes into some current posts, that’s probably the more terrifying probability here but it does make us ask, what’s in it for Meta with this technology? Are we going to post to Instagram directly from our brains?

It’s actually more complicated, benign, and (at this point) beneficial than that.

“This AI system can be deployed in real time to reconstruct, from brain activity, the images perceived and processed by the brain at each instant. This opens up an important avenue to help the scientific community understand how images are represented in the brain, and then used as foundations of human intelligence. Longer term, it may also provide a stepping stone toward non-invasive brain-computer interfaces in a clinical setting that could help people who, after suffering a brain lesion, have lost their ability to speak.”

In other words, this development could help ease the transition to direct interfaces with digital devices and even medical applications. That’s pretty cool and a real change of pace compared to some of the other AI articles we have covered.

Still, the possibility of transferring images from your brain into reality is absolutely intriguing and the potential avenues for artistic expression are pretty unreal.

Any thoughts you might have on AI that is capable of rendering your thoughts into imagery are welcome in the comments section below.

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