Move to the Cloud Has Adobe Raking in Stratospheric Profits


A maker of a range of products for photo editing and beyond, Adobe has long held a position of high regard in the digital media community for its ability to democratize the process of making media while maintaining an ease of use and entry level price point that is both consumer friendly and market competitive. Of course, when the company announced it was moving its popular suite of applications to the cloud in their Creative Cloud offering, longtime users of the physical software were not only wary of the move but apoplectic about it as well.

After all, who knows what this would mean in terms of future costs. Who doesn’t like the one-and-done pricing structure that old software suites offered.

Companies that rely on them for profits, that’s who. We all know someone who pirated their creative software and we all probably turned a blind eye back then.

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Because let’s face it, for all of this talk about moving it to the cloud for our convenience, it is really about making sure you pay your toll to the gatekeeper before you get to use the software.

And Adobe isn’t the only one making this move.

If there latest financial statement is anything to go by the cloud will probably be the future for most software.

Adobe recently reported the four consecutive quarter of revenue growth, beating their year over year numbers by a large margin. The profitable quarters have been so kind to Adobe that it has even been able to purchase back stock from shareholders, clawing back some 2.6 million shares, representing a return of $589 million to shareholders. These earnings fell largely on the back of Adobe’s cloud services and creative suite of software but other divisions are doing well for the company. All in all the future looks bright for Adobe, a company that is an oft-rumored Apple target and indispensable to the lives of creatives around the world.

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Wow. The wording in this is so anti-corporate. It’s a thinly veiled rant. I believe that the cloud software is a value. Why shouldn’t Adobe make their profits? My only concern is that it… like virtually everything else nowadays… is tied to the Internet. Some group of hackers takes down the Internet and we’re screwed. And yes, I know people say that’s impossible… right…

Over priced for the hobbyist, who only requires it occasionally. Typical corporate profiteering.

They claim it’s to keep the product updated to the latest and greatest.
Not everyone, needs that background minuscule un-noticeable bug fix, every few weeks/months, that also takes a masters degree and months of payments for the new user to get a grasp on.
When i buy something i prefer to buy outright, not rent it at a ridiculous price.

There is always alternatives to adobe’s expensive cloud programs.

Wow, – don’t you realize that Adobe have given EVERYONE the opportunity to use the BEST software there is at an affordable price (are you REALLY complaining about $9.99 for Lightroom and Photoshop ???) If you are you cannot be that serious about photography… go ahead and download the GIMP and keep your photos in a mess on your hard drive. I am fed up with the BLEATING I hear about how expensive Adobe software is. Have you EVER tried to write a piece of quality software ?? If you don’t like it don’t drive a Rolls Royce and complain how expensive it is – just drive your Prius and be happy.

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