New autoRetouch Feature Automatically Adds “Ghost Mannequins” to Your Photos for Streamlined Product Photography


autoRetouch is touting an AI-powered feature that could reduce post-production time drastically for fashion photographers and it could be a serious boon for eCommerce.

Photo by Christian Santiago from Pexels.

Using so-called “ghost mannequins,” autoRetouch inserts these forms into the picture to show how the clothing looks on a human body without it actually ever being on a human. To form the image, the photographer first takes a picture of the front of the product, then turns it inside out and takes another picture. The software then composites the two to show how it would fit around the waist of the “ghost” model in the combined picture.

You can even test it out for yourself over on the company’s website at this link:

The company states on its website, “The ghost mannequin feature offers automation of complex editing that was never before possible, across any platform, without any significant amount of manual effort.”

The feature should be fully available in 2021. The company says it will charge a flat fee of $0.10 per composite image and it will not require a subscription to use. As PetaPixel highlights, for production-oriented photographers, this could really be a huge time saver.

You can watch a video about it over on YouTube at this link.

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