Oppo and Hasselblad Team Up on Smartphone Camera Tech


Two of the biggest names in the camera industry are teaming up to launch smartphone technology that they hope will revolutionize how photos are captured using this almost universal device.

black and silver camera on brown wooden table
Black and silver Hasselblad camera on brown wooden table. Photo by weston m.

Announced at Paris Photo 2023, Oppo and Hasselblad launched their next-generation HyperTone Camera Systems with an anticipated release sometime in 2024.

What does that mean exactly? A more premium experience is coming to branded smartphones, to start.

“Thanks to the HyperTone Camera System which follows aesthetics, the Find X6 Series is positively received by both the public and professionals. With Find N3 Series, we also brought flagship-level imaging experience for foldables for the first time. I am delighted that our collaboration with Hasselblad has now entered a new phase. By combining classic imaging aesthetics with mobile technology, OPPO and Hasselblad have developed an aesthetic system that is tailored for mobile imaging. In 2024, the two companies will launch the next generation HyperTone Camera Systems and Hasselblad camera experience that promise to continue to set new industry standards,” OPPO Imaging Director Oliver Zhang said in a press release on the company’s website.

That all sounds quite exciting for fans of OPPO and Hasselblad and it’s cool to see something like Hasselblad making its technology accessible in this way. The press release goes on to describe how advanced OPPO’s various systems are and how they achieve superior results when it comes to smartphone photography.

One example cited by OPPO is HyperTone Camera Systems ability to render images with more clarity and depth of color than competitors: “Photo viewing is an indispensable part of a great imaging experience. HyperTone Camera System comes with the industry-leading HyperTone ProXDR Display. By precisely recording the brightness of 12 million pixels, ProXDR technology can unlock up to eight times more dynamic range on-screen, restoring the natural tone to make viewing photos much more realistic. Additionally, OPPO is also working to make ProXDR compatible with the Ultra HDR standard.”

As with many things associated with smartphone photography, a lot of this work centers around advanced processing and software engineering – in other words, it is a bit beyond this reporter. Pushing that aside, however, it is pretty exciting to imagine what the future holds in this area and, with such powerful names like OPPO and Hasselblad behind it, we have little doubt the HyperTone Camera System will be a great next-step in the long march of smartphone tech development.

Any thoughts on Oppo and Hasselblad’s partnership are welcome in the comments.

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“Black and silver Hasselblad camera on brown wooden table. Photo by weston m.”

Sir, that is a Rolleiflex.
Hasselblad never made TLR’s.

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