27 Powerful Overcast Landscape Photographs


When it comes to landscape photography, it is very easy to get a little obsessed with the “rules” and the traditional way things are done. But abiding by such conventions (blue hour, golden hour etc) is not always possible, and that can be a wonderful thing.

These landscape photographs were taken with less than ideal lighting conditions but managed to come away with gorgeous and interesting results. Note how these images mainly compensate for the less than ideal lighting conditions with extremely strong composition. You'll also see that many of the photographers were patient enough to wait for slightly better lighting on otherwise flat days.

If strong landscape composition is one of your photography goals (and it should be) then the photographer who springs to mind for me is Adam Williams whose landscape compositions have won a LOT of competitions. His course on landscape composition is a must see.

landscape photography of mountain
Photo by Karsten Würth
green mountains with body of water on bottom
Photo by Karsten Würth
mountain in-front body of water
Photo by Pietro Rancan
herd of sheep feeding on mountain
Photo by Mingheras Cosmin
landscape photo of mountain
Photo by Claudel Rheault
green mountains under fog
Photo by Simon Berger

Notice how the light, contrast and framing of the green field above draw the viewer's eye straight to that part of the photograph? That is a technique that is honed in on by Adam Williams in his landscape photography composition guide. If mastering that is something that is important to you, then it's the best course around at the moment. Take a look at it here.

grey mountain photo
Photo by Benjamin Grull
mountain with foggy weather
Photo by reelika raspel
scenery of mountain hill
Photo by Joshua Fuller
landscape photography of mountain under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Ken Cheung
white ship on body of water near the rock formation covered with grass and tree
Photo by Andre Ouellet
white and black mountain under the cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Nathan Anderson
selective focus photography of rock monolith at the middle of the sea
Photo by Dex Ezekiel
photography of seashore during daytime
Photo by John Salvino
bird's eye-view photo of highland
landscape photography of grass field with trees
Photo by Delaney Turner
peak of mountain covered with clouds near body of water
Photo by Adam Edgerton
person standing on brown rock formation during daytime
Photo by Cédric Frixon
grey concrete lighthouse on cliff surrounded body of water during daytime
Photo by William Bout
road between grass lawn and mountain
Photo by Cassie Boca
winding road through mountain
Photo by Jason Blackeye
body of water near mountains at daytime
Photo by M Wong
body of water under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Chris Stenger
highway near misty mountain
Photo by Despo Potamou
snow capped mountain under cloudy sky
Photo by Nathan Anderson
white house with green grass field during cloudy day photo
Photo by Antoine Barrès
green grass covered mountain under white and blue sky
Photo by Nathan Anderson

The next step to start taking powerful landscape compositions is to hone down through a detailed course like Adam Williams'. His landscape composition bundle is available here.

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