15 Amazing Photographs of Lightning


Today I want to share one of my major passions, besides photography, and it is the weather.

I still would love to go on a tornado hunting adventure, and I love watching lightning when a storm is approaching.

Today I've prepared a short yet powerful collection of photographs of lightning.

Photographing lightning requires both patience and good luck, here is a detailed guide on how to capture them (safely).

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photo by johannes plenio
Photo by Johannes Plenio
photo by jeremy thomas
Photo by Jeremy Thomas
photo by johannes plenio
Photo by Johannes Plenio
photo by ryan phillips
Photo by Ryan Phillips
photo by max saeling
Photo by Max Saeling

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photo by josep castells
Photo by Josep Castells
photo by breno machado
Photo by Breno Machado
photo by michael rogers
Photo by Michael Rogers
photo by jonas kaiser
Photo by Jonas Kaiser
photo by sean mcauliffe
Photo by Sean McAuliffe

It Is Always Great To Learn…But Is There Something Holding You Back?

When it comes to lightning photography there is a lot to learn. Shooting setup, gear, settings, safety. While it's a huge topic, we have put together a free downloadable and printable sheet with the basic information you will need to get started with this fascinating subject. Did we mention it's free?

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photo by noaa
Photo by NOAA
photo by dominik qn
Photo by Dominik QN
photo by bethany laird
Photo by Bethany Laird
photo by nrd
Photo by nrd
photo by clinton naik
Photo by Clinton Naik

Are Your Photographs Less Than Striking?

Our Lightning Photography Blueprint is designed to give you the basics of photographing this exciting subject. Learn the fundamentals of lightning photography with this free downloadable sheet exclusively for Light Stalking readers.

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