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Another terrific week has just passed us by, with a lot of activity in the world of photography.  This weeks lists of links features tutorials, a review, a handful of special features and the usual list of links to terrific photography.  There is a wide range of topics covered in this weeks list, and we hope you enjoy checking them all out as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


Profoto Demonstrates the Differences Between On-Camera and Off-Camera Flash – four video segments are posted to this tutorial that shares some great tips and tricks on how to utilize off-camera lighting to achieve great results in your photography.  Jared Platt takes us right into the field with him as he shows us how the different modifiers and techniques work, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how a pro achieves those incredible results we are all striving for.

How to Review, Edit, and Export Video with Adobe Lightroom – this brief tutorial covers the basics on how to use Lightroom to provide a basic post-production process for creating videos.  Albeit simplistic in the options provided, the key adjustments you can make can really make a big difference for importing high quality video into deeper and more complex tools for production.

How to Use a Hand-Held Light Meter to Make Perfectly Exposed Photographs – this great article takes you through the how-to’s on using a hand-held light meter in determining exposure.  Both types of metering, incident and reflective, are covered in this piece, helping to remove some of the mystery behind these powerful tools.

How to Get the Most From Your Hot Shoe Flash – taking your speedlight off-camera can provide benefits beyond the obvious one of allowing you to have fine control over light placement, it can also help the efficiency of the flash, and as a result help your batteries last longer.  This brief article discusses these concepts and provides some great tips on how to extend your battery life and make great images.

Food For Digital Thought: Direction, Length, and Thickness – Joe Baraban shares some of his extensive insights into compositions that take advantage of lines.  Joe covers the topic in good detail in this piece, and he also includes a pair of really great shots to illustrate the points being discussed.

What Defines Good Travel Photography? – Light Stalking’s Jason Row (@jasonrow) shares some great insights in this post with an eye towards helping you capture great travel photos.  Jason covers all the bases in this article including discussions on the place, the people, the details and how to take advantage of natural light.

How to bounce flash indoors: try this simple technique for portraits at parties – bounce flash techniques are great for events or venues that are dynamic and/or tight in space, allowing you to move around quickly and in the least amount of square footage while you focus on capturing great images.  This is a great tutorial, covering several key aspects of bounce flash photography that are all applicable in the real-world.

Simple Pure White Background Setup for Beauty Portraiture – sometimes simple is the best approach to solving a problem, as is evidenced in this article that discusses how to capture incredible beauty portraits of subjects.  A simple white background isolates the subject in this concept, and we get a detailed overview of how to create and light a scene that will deliver incredible results.

How to Make a 35mm Pinhole Camera That Shoots Sprocket Photos – this is a terrific and fun project for the young and the mature at heart.  No matter what your perceived level of photography you practice is, the act and art of making your own pinhole camera is both entertaining and educational at the same time.

Step by step guide for Composite Product Photography – this great tutorial takes you through all the steps of creating composite images featuring products.  Screen shots are shared as you go through each step in the process, adding a great level of detail to the article helping you to achieve the best out of your personal vision.

Sometimes You Just Have to Bracket – this brief article discusses the practical application of bracketing while shooting.  Joe Farace shares some great insights into why this is such a great concept, even for those who don’t shoot HDR like I do.

A Quick Lighting Build in Times Square – lighting master Joe McNally shares some terrific insights into using speedlights in downtown NY at night for shooting portraits.  Joe carefully manages the exposure and white balance, all the while managing the power and direction of his artificial light, to showcase the incredible results you can achieve with a single speedlight and some artistic vision.

How to Speed Up Your Adobe Photoshop Workflow With Custom Built Actions – this great tutorial covers in good detail the breakdown of how to apply Photoshop actions to your workflow.  This will help to save time and make it easier for you to create a specific style that you can apply time and time again in your regular process.

10 Things This Beginner Learned About Landscape Photography – this well thought out list features 10 important tips for the beginner looking to create better landscape photos.  These common sense items focus on issues we all face as we start out in this specific realm, and having foreknowledge of them can only help you take better pictures.

Why I Love My 20mm Lens to Shoot Weddings – many photographers buy specific lenses for specific purposes, even though they very well might be a perfect lens to use in alternative applications with great results.  This post discusses the usage of a wide angle lens in wedding photography, highlighting the key points being covered with great illustrative photographs.

How to Photograph and Edit A Panorama – this terrific tutorial was created by regular contributing Light Stalking author Dzvonko Petrovski (@petrovskyz).  Dzvonko does a great job of describing his workflow in relation to creating dramatic panorama’s all the way from camera to post-production.  Screenshots and the final produced image add a lot of depth to the article, showing you how you can create great images that deliver scale and detail.


A Look at How the Top iOS Mobile Photo Editing Apps Stack Up – as post-production on mobile platforms seems to really be picking up steam in terms of preference for photographers, this timely article discusses a selection of tools you can download to your iOS device for this purpose.  Sample photos and great short descriptions accompany each piece of software covered, helping you to ease your decision making process.

Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS USM Review – Wojciech Toman shares a terrific review of this incredible lens, covering in great detail almost all aspects of how it works in a real-world scenario.  This lens has become a staple in my own camera bag as we find ourselves out and about shooting architecture and landscapes.

The Lomography Petzval 58 is the First Petzval Bokeh Control Lens – this review covers a terrific new type of lens that can produce unique and very interesting results.  The article includes some awesome sample photos, showcasing the quality and the various styles of bokeh the lens can create, giving a detailed look for those who may be interested.


Sleepy Hollow Saw Mill ~ Berkshire, New York – A.D. Wheeler brings us along on an epic exploration that finds us inside the remains of a long-abandoned saw mill in New York state.  Time has not been kind to this once burgeoning facility with much of what remains in a serious state of disrepair.  A.D. couples his great photography with deep background details on the forlorn business, creating an essay sure to pull you in and engage you.

Evan Thompson on Exploring Underground Tunnels in San FranciscoWARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE – this special feature takes us deep underground under the dynamic city of San Francisco and into the tunnels that lie there.  Evan Thompson answers some great questions about exploring Urbex locations like this and shares a great set of shots from his portfolio.

The Wildebeest Migration: A Photo Essay – Anne McKinnell brings us along on a journey of amazing discovery as she documents the incredible annual Wildebeest Migration across a ferocious and dangerous river.  As predators await in hiding in the waterways, the Wildebeest move around and find the right time and spot to make their dangerous move.  Join Anne as she brings this experience to life through her lens.

How High-Speed Sync Can Extend Your Flash Photography Options – Dzvonko Petrovski shares a great article right here on Light Stalking that discusses in brief the power and results you can expect from speedlights that support high-speed sync.  This rather complex area of flash photography has some of it’s mystery removed in this piece that sheds some proverbial light on how the technology works and the effects it has.

10 Inspirational Photographers That You Should Be Following – if you are an avid photography enthusiast, you are likely always on the lookout for great new talent to follow.  This compendium lists 10 photographers who specialize in different and unique imagery, each a master in their own realm, and as a collective they are part of the overall thriving community of photography.

14 Useful Podcasts for Photographers – podcasts can be a terrific way to stay current on specific interests you may have, and this premise is no different for photography enthusiasts.  This is a great list of podcasts you may wish to look into, I sure know I will be signing up for several of these.

St Matthias Anglican Church, Victoria – join us here at Toad Hollow as we continue our long-running Anglican Church Project where we are working on photographing all the churches, inside and out, here on Vancouver Island that fall under the Anglican Diocese of BC.  This project is likely still a few years away from completion, and in this installment we visit a terrific parish and I discuss a bit about how I go about shooting these places and with what gear.

Fortuitous Layers – what started out as a random event has now turned into a personal photography project for Adam Allegro.  Adam has now created a new workflow for this project, creating double exposure frames that are in some cases slightly haunting, and in other cases rather profound.

Warriors over the Wasatch – Thunderbirds Airshow June 28, 2014 – Part 3 of 3 – this is the 3rd installment in a series of posts by Howard Jackman that brings us along to an airshow he visited.  In this post we enjoy the aerial acrobatics of The Thunderbirds as they fly about in formation, doing the seemingly impossible at speeds that are unfathomable to those of us who commute by car.  If you are a fan of aviation you will not want to miss this post and the incredible photographs it hosts.

University of Manitoba gets up close and personal with insects – prepare to get creeped right out in this feature presentation hosted on CBC.  This set of photographs represents high quality macro close-ups of various insects with terrific clarity.  Perhaps on some level a little too much.


..: Alps dreams :.. | …bled XXIX… | The warm inside…. – a terrific trio of shots showcases the varying visions and styles of three very talented photographers.  Uroš Demšar, roberto pavic
and Ruzdi Ekenheim share their distinctive renditions of the wonderful art that can be found in compositions featuring the lake and the old church on the island in the middle of it.

Block Island North Light – lighthouses make for great photography subjects, as is evidenced here in this terrific shot by Steven Perlmutter.  This particular lighthouse became active in 1868, and Steven’s wonderful photograph captures the essence of the character and romance of the building and it’s location.

CBD – a nighttime cityscape shot presented by Ravi S R reveals the wonderful architecture and hues of a Singapore city alive with vibrant color.  The great reflection from the lights of the buildings delicately dance across the waters in the foreground to add swatches of color to obfuscated reflections, making for a stunning image to view and enjoy.

Snake Bite – Tim Stanley delivers a truly awesome shot of a Dodge Viper supercar sitting on a runway by itself.  The natural leading lines created by the vanishing point found on the runway adds the perfect element to accent the raw drama of this world-renown car.

Morning Bliss – Spirit Island is one of the most well-known spots in the Jasper Park area, only accessible by boat.  The tranquility of this gorgeous location delivers a personal harmony for people who visit in person, as is perfectly captured in a photograph here by Thomas Dawson.

Down Low – photographer CJ Schmit delivers a stunning architectural study in this shot taken from what appears to be a low perspective.  The high contrast nature of this piece works with the dramatic architecture of the buildings and bridge in the scene to share a captivating rendition.

These Feet Weren’t Made for Walkin’ – a truly wonderful portrait of a Bald Eagle perched on a limb greets you in this great photograph by Jay Taylor.  The side profile of the bird, coupled with the very shallow depth of focus, really makes the bird jump out of the screen for the viewer, creating a special and intimate moment that can only truly be experienced in great photography.

(OO) – this terrific shot from Sasi – smit combines the amazing aspects of nature with a dash of natural humor to deliver a really special photograph.  A tiny owl perched on a limb stares back into the camera in this shot, with it’s head turned upside down as it tries to understand what it is that is staring so intently at it.

Reine in the rain – Brian Matiash is once again off to incredible locations, this time far up in the northern area of the world where the sun doesn’t set for a period of time during the year.  This great shot features the rugged landscapes of the region, dotted with colorful homes that add a perfect element of artistic tension to the vista.

The Old City of Mostar – this very old city in Herzegovina features some wonderful architecture, as captured here by Elia Locardi in the waning hours of the day.  The way the architecture is lit works together with the very interesting features and details of the city to truly deliver a shot that exhibits all the wonderful character of this world-class destination.

Cordoue (#3) … Le Moulin de la Albolafia et le Pont Romain – Mathias Lucas delivers a terrific set of black-and-white shots of an ancient waterwheel and Roman bridge from times now long past.  The ruins and remains of the site all express wonderful artistic tension with all the questions they create, eloquently captured and shared here by Mathias.

Bunch Of Weirdos – Megan Lorenz captures a truly delightful image in this shot, featuring four Burrowing Owls doing what they do best..  natural comedy.  A GoPro camera in a field forms the perfect item that is both irresistible for the owls to check out, as well as creating a great prop to add a wonderful layer of interest to a picture that features a group of very distinctive characters.

Stonewall Jackson Shrine – in yet another example of how truth can be so much more compelling than fiction, Mark Summerfield shares a pair of shots of a very historic location in the US where a famous American General convalesced and eventually passed away.  Today a shrine exists here in front of the restored building, and Mark’s great shots and accompanying blog post really add so much depth to the images and the story itself.

The Canadian Pacific – a CP train meanders its way across the rugged Canadian Rocky landscape in this shot taken during the frozen months of winter in Canada.  Mital Patel’s composition brings both subjects, the dramatic mountains and the running train, into crisp contrast and in the process he delivers a stunning shot showcasing the inherent beauty of the area.

King Eider – Ron Niebrugge shares a great shot of a bird I’ve never seen before in it’s natural habitat.  Wonderful golden light accents the scene and the details in the bird, with a shallow depth-of-focus that really isolates the bird from its backdrop and in doing so delivering a really compelling photograph to view and enjoy.

Classic Castles – a wonderful fairy tale comes to life on our screens in this shot by Max Fellermann that features simply wonderful castles in the forests of Bavaria.  The beautiful landscape converges perfectly with the old castles in this shot to whisk the viewer away to a land far, far away.

My little town – Sherry Galey delivers a wonderful collection of photographs taken in her home town of Almonte, Ontario, Canada.  Sherry shares wide shots that feature the character of the town and it’s architecture, as well as vignettes that showcase the wonderful personality of the community itself.

Bryce Canyon – Piracy Point – as a young boy my family took us to Bryce Canyon on vacation and the landscapes we witnessed there have followed me my entire life.  Wayne Beauregard captures and shares a great shot of this park, showcasing the very unique vistas that are found here as he discusses the true scale of the park and all it has to offer.

Abandoned Farmhouse – Oaksdale, Washington – all the texture and detail that can be found in a long-abandoned farmhouse comes to life on our screens with this terrific shot by Len Saltiel.  Len’s HDR shot takes advantage of full dynamic range to capture the details, including terrific natural light streaming in through the remains of the windows in the room next to the primary subject.

Lakeview Glow – Edith Levy captures and shares a wonderful shot featuring a pair of Adirondack chairs sitting on a dock looking out over the lake.  The soft light from the last rays of the day add a wonderful dash of color in the sky as the scene in it’s entirety provides a terrific sense of peace and tranquility.

Haida Gwaii on Slide Film – my friend and local photographer Ehpem shares a stunning image captured on slide film of one of the most incredible places on the West Coast of Canada.  The entire Haida Gwaii area is rich in thousands of years of past history, and Ehpem’s shot of the landscape found there as rendered on slide film is absolutely amazing.

Heart of the Gorge – Majeed Badizadegan shares a wonderful and serene landscape piece in this photograph that features a waterfall in the distance feeding into a beautiful creek.  Light streams in on the left part of the frame, creating an inviting feel that leaves the viewer with no choice but to check on plane tickets to visit this location in person.

All Saints Shelley in full sunrise – a wonderful old character church is featured and highlighted in this picture post from Art Hakker Photography.  Great details and textures in the stone work find harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings that frame this scene.

Roaring Fork Cabin – a terrific black-and-white shot is presented here by Jim Denham who found this fortuitous finding down the Roaring Fork Trail just outside of Gatlinburg, in the USA.  Jim then processes this shot as a monochromatic piece, delivering a strong image that is truly sympathetic to the subject explored.

I love Santorini – an amazing image that features the community of Santorini in Greece at sunset.  Gürkan Gündoğdu captures a pure image in this photograph, sharing the character and incredible intrinsic beauty of a place that tugs at the hearts of us all.

Pure simplicity – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares an extremely dramatic monochrome photograph in this post, focusing on the rugged and jagged peaks of the Alps.  The stark contrasts between the rock and the snow covering creates natural shapes that take on a slightly abstract feel when observed as a whole.

Lighthouse on the Rocks – this long exposure shot by İlhan Eroglu delivers a mesmerizing look at a lighthouse perched on the rocks near the end of a great pathway that forms a natural leading line.  The beautiful colors in the sky work perfectly with the crisp and wonderful details in the lighthouse, creating a romantic picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit to view.

Hop In – gritty, rust textures pop to life in this epic shot from Michael Criswell that features the remains of a long-forgotten sports car left behind in a forlorn building.  So many unanswered questions linger in this shot, who owned the car, and why was it left behind?  Without answers, we only have Michael’s great image to reflect on.

What Remains – the skeleton of an abandoned barn casts a haunting figure under the watchful eye of the Grand Tetons in the distance in this simply epic photograph by Stacy White.  The way the remains of the barn lean against the horizon of the shot highlights the incredible natural artistic tension in the scene, leaving so many unanswered questions for the viewer.

Tampa Sunset – photographer K S creates and shares a powerful image in this post, showcasing the dramatic architecture of the contemporary city of Tampa at sunset.  Terrific details in the buildings are highlighted by the natural light reflecting off various surfaces, adding a perfect finishing touch to a perfect scene.

Life and Death – Len Saltiel takes us inside the abandoned Pennhurst Asylum where he shares an image of one of the decaying rooms.  The rich details and textures in the shot are accented here by his delicate HDR processing technique, bringing out all the artistic tension the scene presents and leaving the visitor with so many lingering questions.

Morning Light – the epically rugged mountains found in Patagonia, Chile are captured perfecting in this frame by Ness Farmilo.  As the sun crests over the jagged rocky horizon, it casts gorgeous colors on the breathtaking scenery below, creating a compelling image.

A peaceful place – a beautiful Norwegian landscape comes to life on our screens in this wonderful photograph by Hilde S. Jonsmyr.  The still waters from the lake in the foreground in this piece creates a terrific reflection of the overall scene, adding a perfect touch to a landscape study that is simply stunning to view.

A Fireboat at Chelsea Pier – Edith Levy captures and shares a terrific shot of a fireboat in NY as it streams water.  Edith used a long exposure technique to capture this piece which does a great job to create a bit of an ethereal feel to the waters while still maintaining terrific detail and clarity in the boats and surrounding features.

Morning Glory – a tiny Italian community sits perched on the rocks that reach out towards the ocean in this very strong and dramatic image by Vic Perri.  The lights from the homes create strong points of interest, illuminating the rich and character-filled architecture that makes this such a special place.

Steptoe Compression – the strong compression that occurs when shooting with a long lens highlights the shapes and shadows that play across a stunning landscape in this piece from Ray Green.  The wonderful undulating hills of the vista are coated in delightful colors from the natural light in this frame, adding the perfect touch to an almost naturally abstract image.

The Chair, Stone Mill – Bob Lussier delivers a fresh image from the stone mills he visits on a regular basis, this shot created in black-and-white to highlight the intrinsic drama.  A lone chair sits on a floor as the large windows bring natural light streaming into the space, adding a perfect dash of artistic tension.

Valley of Fire V – Roland Shainidze delivers a great piece in this photograph, using selective color to highlight the vibrant yellow of the dividing line in the highway that leads the viewer right into the very heart of the frame.  The monochromatic surroundings find terrific harmony with the yellow line that leads into a near perfect vanishing point for an added touch of artistic tension.

Girl in Blue – friend and mentor Tom Dinning shares a terrific photograph in this post that he accompanies with a delightful poem to add a layer of wonder.  A woman in a blue dress stands on the sidewalk on a street, creating a composition that is truly full of artistic tension as we all wonder about what brought her here, and what her final destination truly is.

Enter the Arena at Ely Cathedral by Art Hakker – Art Hakker Photography delivers a very dramatic and moody piece with this image, featuring an interior shot of an old cathedral.  Wonderful architectural details converge with the stories hidden inside these walls for all those centuries to create something truly compelling.

(O-) (OO) (OO) – in yet another example of how irresistible I find great photography of owls to truly be, Sasi – smit delivers a fresh shot of a trio of Spotted Owlets on a branch.  One of the little furry friends has one of it’s eyes closed, creating a great dash of character to the shot that is sure to allure everyone who loves nature-themed images.

Looking Down on Fenway – the lights of the busy city of Boston at night come to life in this image captured by Steven Perlmutter from an observation point high above the city below.  Fenway Ball Park is hosting a game, with the venue full to the rafters with happy fans, as the city hurriedly carries on around it.

The Chapel #4 – a super wide angle lens captures all the drama found in the remains of a chapel, freezing the rich artistic tension found in a space left forlorn over many years in a single frame forever.  Sven Gerard’s shot features terrific textures and details in both the architectural elements of the interior as well as the natural decay process that has been busily dismantling it slowly over time.

A dark look to Loeches – photographer Astaroth brings us along on an exploration of an area full of abandoned buildings and forgotten relics.  Astaroth’s wide perspectives work perfectly with his focus on some of the tinier details of the area help to create a dark and brooding feel to this post, taking us to places to witness the effects of time and forgotten locations.

Vernazza Night – all the inherent romance found in a small Italian village comes to life in this stunning photograph by Aaron Choi.  As the blue hour descends, the pure magic comes out with the twinkling lights from the village and the character-filled homes that comprise it, delivering an image that showcases the true wonder of this part of the world.

A scary Winters Night-Burlington, Vermont Breakwater – a lighthouse sitting on Lake Champlain in the heart of winter creates a perfect photography subject for Andy Gimino to observe and capture.  As the frozen-solid lake that surrounds the lighthouse elicits the haunting sounds of ice and water working in unison, Andy takes the time to capture this great shot and head back to the safety of shore.

Grandes Orgues Boisseau de la cathédrale de Monaco – delightful colors, shapes and features emerge in this piece that showcases the wonder of a contemporary pipe organ.  Etienne Valois creates an almost abstract image that captures the imagination as you explore the juxtaposition of old stonework in the backdrop with a modern engineering marvel at the fore.

Recent Hong Kong skyline – the convergence of that which is man-made contrasted with the wonderful beauty that only nature can deliver comes to our screens in this terrific photograph by Coolbiere. A.  The lights from the huge contemporary city below work in harmony with the beautiful and dramatic skies above in this piece, creating something that is truly breathtaking.

The Calm Before The Storm – Michael Lewis Glover shares a very entertaining anecdotal story that adds a perfect frame for the beautiful photograph he shares here.  The photo features a gorgeous sunset, complete with a fabulous color palette in the sky against a silhouette of the surrounding landscape, creating a compelling piece sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Glacier View – a long exposure technique is applied in this photograph by Stian N, turing the waters into a silky surface while maintaining great clarity in the details.  A row of houses sitting on the shores of a body of water live under the eternally restful gaze of the jagged mountains in the distance in a shot sure to delight everyone.

No, YOU Pull His Tail! – Rob Hanson delivers a fresh shot and some terrific insights with his latest post that features a group of turtles in the foreground, and an alligator in the back.  Rob’s humorous title adds a perfect dash of levity to the presentation, creating an instant association for the viewer that has staying power.

Stepping Back in Time – a wooden bridge crosses a moat and leads the viewer right into the heart of the frame where we find a very old stone castle sitting in wonderful natural light.  Fern Blacker uses a long exposure technique in this shot, adding a touch of texture to the waters that surround this incredible castle and maintaining the integrity of all the finer details.

The Dalby Water Wheel – this terrific image from Scott Wood showcases a historic waterwheel in a forested setting.  The wonderful textures found in the old building that houses the wheel is full of rich character, all brought out just wonderfully here in Scott’s terrific composition.

im coming – mohd Khorshid captures and shares a stunning shot of a White Tailed Eagle as it spreads it’s wings in a very dramatic way.  The intense look on this incredible bird’s face highlights the incredible beauty and power of these winged creatures, drawing you deep into the photograph to explore the eagle’s distinct features.

Hovercraft – hummingbirds are notoriously difficult to capture, constantly moving and darting around they are almost impossible to predict.  In this great shot from the studio of Jay Taylor we get to see a wonderful shot of one in midair as it collects nectar from beautiful flowers.

Moraine Lake – a deep blue palette casts a cold hue onto the epic landscapes found in the Canadian Rockies in this shot from James Bian.  The low hanging clouds add raw drama and the jagged mountain peaks in the distance provide a sense of the intense scale that this national park is so famous for.

Bank Tower – a wonderfully ornate staircase makes for the perfect subject matter for Brad Truxell, one he takes full advantage of to create a captivating abstract image.  The great details coupled with the lines and shapes explored in the natural light all converge together in this piece to really create something unique.

Late as usual – I just love it when a title for a picture adds a huge element of wonder to the photograph it frames, as in this case with this shot by Steven Ward.  This wonderful photograph features a Wild Little Owl as it runs across the ground with it’s tiny feet a mere few inches off the ground, all brought together by the unmistakeable facial expression that bore the name of the picture.

Port of Cherbourg – Barbara Youngleson shares a nautical vignette in this photograph, featuring boats tied to the dock as the somewhat still waters that surround them create captivating reflections.  The wonderful character found in this shot does a perfect job of sharing a bit of the flavor of this part of France within a single frame.

The disabled cylinder – a highly weathered space that appears to be a well-used workspace forms the perfect subject for the Urbex enthusiast.  Urban Vagabond’s great composition coupled with deliberate post-processing work together to satisfy those who love to visually explore spaces that are full of historic character.


Enough – David duChemin discusses the age old argument regarding camera gear and how crucial it is to making great pictures.  In this post David shows us how a smaller format camera can create jaw-dropping results by sharing a set of photos he captured in the Queen Charlotte Strait, just north of Vancouver Island.

Shame and Art: How to Stay Sane in Your Second Job While Trying to Make It as a Photographer – this is a thoughtful and insightful article that is extremely motivating for those who have been working diligently with a dream of becoming a professional photographer.  This is undoubtedly a tough gig to break into, and sources of inspiration like this are very important to keep the flames of passion glowing brightly as you work towards your personal goal.

44 Tips to Improve Your Photography – this comprehensive list contains tips and tricks that can truly make a difference in how you shoot and the results you get from your work.  Most of the points are common sense in nature, but when combined and taken in as a whole they describe a fundamental and methodical process that can be applied time and time again as you work.

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