These 22 Images Were Photoshopped – And We Just Don’t Care


Very few of us, as photographers, don't use Photoshop to do even the most minor of corrections.  Essentially, we're all Photoshoppers, correcting color, shadow and highlight detail, removing minor skin blemishes and cropping, but these 22 images were all Photoshopped beyond what most wold deem normal corrections.  They aren't wrong for being ‘shopped, better or worse, just different and enjoyable.

In the comments, show up off your Photoshop skills!

My eye photoshopped

Photo by Sue ?

December 26th 2008 - How I Did It

Photo by Stephen Poff

The road to Offen 2

Photo by Jasmic

''no need to worry, i will pour some milk in your coffee'' says [who?]

Photo by pfv.

I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.

Photo by Ana Santos


Photo by __ankor

whatever; he found a chair to take a rest after his long promenade

Photo by pfv.

Day 303: My Identity

Photo by Kat.B.Photography

Photo by Asaph Guedes

One Of These Buttons Will Get Me Out Of Here

Photo by Cayusa

Photo by {Giorgio Constantine}

She Spins II

Photo by ViaMoi

Front of New Business Card

Photo by Brian Lane Winfield Moore


Photo by BenSeese

Point and shoot Escher

Photo by kevindooley

La Meije in miniature

Photo by Rutger de Moddertukker

Photo by Vlad Chețan

Something You Cannot Give Without Taking

Photo by B Tal

Photo by Designecologist

The Headless Gang

Photo by daliborlev

366 • 65 • Shadow monster

Photo by Pragmagraphr

Last Sail Under a Full Moon

Photo by kippbakr

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There are so many people that are anti-photoshop. I think that there is room for both Photoshoppers and traditionalists in this world of photography. It’s just a matter of the market and who can produce faster. Welcome to capitalism.

I think photoshop can be a great tool for post processing photos. I think everyone of my photos see at least a couple seconds in photoshop even just for a touch of colour or lighting correction or a little crop. I read somewhere recently that there is nothing wrong with post processing, as long as the photographer is honest as to how he/she achieved the end result.

Photoshop/GIMP can also be a fun tool to experiement create stunning works of art

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