7 Professional Photography Tips To Avoid Simple Shooting Mistakes


The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Risk Your Next Photography Shoot – So Here Are Some Professional Photography Tips, So That You Don't

Here at Lightstalking, we want you to improve your photography, seriously, we do.

That's why, when it comes to pointing out where the booby traps are, we've got your back!

professional photography tips
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The best-laid plans of mice and men as the old saying goes. You can spend all your time planning an intricate shoot only to find you have slipped up (big time) by missing out on the simple little details.

It's very easy when planning a big shoot to think you have covered all bases. However, often the constant thinking about the bigger picture leads you into a sense of false security to the point you neglect the day to day basics.

Today we're going to look at some simple mistakes that could potentially ruin your shoot (ouch!). Some are in the preparation, and some are in the shooting itself. Here's my professional photography tips from 1 thru 7.

1. The Basics: Charge Your Camera's Batteries

It sounds obvious but it’s one of those things that can so easily be overlooked. Many of you will have more than one battery so even if the first one is charged, the others might not be.

Top Tip!

One thing you can do here is to use two separate compartments of your camera bag. Use one side for charged batteries and one for depleted batteries. You can adopt a similar system at your computer at home keeping charged separate from uncharged.

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