Teens That Killed Photographer with a Falling Log Sentenced


We brought you a story some time ago about a group of teens that intentionally pushed a log down a hill where it fell on top of a photographer taking pictures of students for a local school senior photo day.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

That case has gone to court and we thought we would update you on what has transpired since in what can only be called an absolutely horrific tragedy.

Two of the accused teens have pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of photographer Victoria Schafer.

Schafer was taking pictures of students at the Hocking Hills State park landmark known as Old Man’s Cave when a log fell on top of her, resulting in her immediate death. Though many people thought it was accidental at the time, it was later discovered that this was not the case and an investigation apprehended two teenagers after a short search.

As a result of their plea, they will receive three years in juvenile detention, PetaPixel reports. Initially, Jaden Churchheus and Jordan Buckley were to be tried as adults but calls for leniency from the victim’s own family might have contributed to the reduced sentence that the two received. There is, however, the possibility that the two could face up to four and a half years incarceration as adults if they behave poorly while in juvenile detention.

A third teenager involved, Miranda Spencer, has a case still pending and is charged with obstruction of justice according to WBNS News 10.

You can watch a video of this story over on YouTube by clicking here.

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But whatever you do, do NOT discipline your kids! Doing so will cause adverse reactions like respecting lives of others and animals, acting like a human with a brain, and countless other NORMAL acts!
My heart goes out to the families unvolved in this and im sorry for the loss of life.

It is telling that the victims family essentially forgave the teens. I am 61 now but remember as a teenager I didn’t really think about the consequences of my actions or how they would impact others.
My concern is by incarcerating the guilty are they getting the proper education? Not what their actions led to but life lessons.
How what we all do has implications not just for other people but for our planet.
They do need to be held accountable but I question whether incarceration is the best alternative.

As a teenager I would never have done something to cause harm to another. I am 75 and My father would not let me see the light of day again. They took not only a life but robbed a family of their mother sister daughter etc.

Hi I’m from Britain and followed this sad story. In one way I’m glad to see some justice for the family but allso saddened to hear that it was intentional.

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