This App is Bringing 4K Video Editing to Mobile


Capturing video on your iPhone or iPad is as simple as can be, but editing it is another matter.

Sure, there are a ton of apps out there, but most are dedicated to a single task.

And that would seem to be an egregious overlook, given the ability of some Apple devices to record in 4K now.

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LumaFusion hopes to fill the market void left by this oversight with a powerful iOS-based 4K video editing app that will let you go directly from camera to processing with the swipe of a finger. The hope is that this method will challenge or perhaps displace the desktop or laptop options preferred by many creatives now.

While some creatives may not consider a mobile alternative a true solution to on-the-go workflow solutions, LumaTouch hopes to change those perceptions with LumaFusion.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into the smartphone/mobile editing space with LumaFX being their other product. LumaFusion has built a sizable following among journalists that use mobile devices for capturing, editing, and publishing their stories. LumaFusion gives users access to a robust set of features for video editing, titling, audio mixing, color correction and finishing – all on their mobile device. Seeing themselves as the standard bearer in this space, LumaTouch wants LumaFusion to be synonymous with professional video and effects editing on mobile.

As of press, the software doesn’t have much competition in this space although we expect that will change over the coming months. In addition, LumaTouch offers users a bevy of features normally only found in expensive software suites like those from Adobe. If LumaTouch can truly bridge the gap in workflow between desktop-based and mobile-based applications, it could upend the market entirely in terms of who uses what software. Of course, that remains to be seen as many people still prefer the traditional desktop setup.

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