This App Transforms Your Panorama Pics Into Instagram Stories


One of the coolest things that smartphone cameras have added in the past several years is the ability to take awesome panoramic photos.

The only problem is that most social media platforms aren’t really equipped to handle photos of this size in any presentable fashion. For people who make a living on social media, this stinks because panoramas are some of the most dynamic photos out there.

Social media mavens might have a new tool to add to their arsenal.

Well, at least those that own an Apple iOS-based system.

Transforming panoramas into perfect Instagram story clips is easier written than done.

That’s where Panoram steps in: This nifty little smartphone app takes your awesome panos and turns them into ready-to-upload Instagram story content.

Although it is only available at press for iOS, it will probably make an appearance on Android platforms sooner or later – especially considering how useful it is.

How Panoram works is that it takes your panoramic picture and then divvies it up into three parts to upload to Instagram but also Snapchat or Facebook if that’s your thing. After upload, people who view it on one of those services will then get the full panoramic photo experience.

One noticeable drawback right now (aside from the lack of Android support) is that it can’t really do much with ultra-wide panorama photos. Outside of that Panoram is a really cool app even if it is a one-trick pony.

The app is ready to download now from the iTunes App Store and it is free though photos produced through it will have a watermark until you pay $1 to remove it as DPReview points out.

Do you take a lot of panoramas? How do you upload them to social media? Let us know in the comments.

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