TikTok Expanding Into Long-Form Content


One of the most popular platforms in the world, TikTok is known primarily for its short-form video content. 

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A red, white, and blue logo on a black background. Photo by Eyestetix Studio

But that could all be changing if a select trial of longer-length videos is any indication of where things are heading in the near future.

TechCrunch reports that the Instagram rival is rolling out fifteen-minute video capabilities to some users to test what could become a standard feature. 

For those of us who don’t really pay attention to this kind of thing, this seems like a natural pivot. After all, TikTok made its name with video so why not up the ante? 

Yet there are some other competitive pressures afoot that might incentivize such a move, namely the aforementioned Instagram but also YouTube

The latter made its name as the go-to platform for video content, and it is trying to capture that magic with the TikTok generation with reels and an app that emphasizes short-form content. In other words, YouTube already had the long-form game down and now it’s moving into TikTok’s territory. And we can't forget about Instagram which, despite it all, is pushing video harder than ever before. All of this in a world where AI can generate photos and videos out of nothing to boot. 

On that note, this is one of the first articles in a while about a major media company that ISN’T talking about some kind of AI feature coming soon or now. 

TechCrunch wonders aloud whether this longer-form content is really what TikTok needs to compete since its audience is trained and honed for short-form content. Then again, Instagram started out as an app for posting photos and now it’s…something else entirely

Do you use TikTok? If so, what are your thoughts on adding longer content to the platform? Let us know in the comments.

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