Time to Bid Farewell to the Leica CL and TL2 Cameras?


It’s either delays of new cameras or cancellations of tried-and-true standbys and, today, it’s the latter as Leica prepares us all to say goodbye to the CL and TL2 cameras.

Leica lighted signage
Leica lighted signage. Photo by Paul Volkmer

Pointing to low sales for the segment, Leica makes a pragmatic business case for the discontinuation but that doesn’t make it any easier for invested fans.

Plus, it’s never a good thing to have fewer options out there.

Quoting Leica Rumors about the company’s reasoning behind the move, PetaPixel quotes:

“In recent years, the overall photography market has seen a decline in sales of compact and system cameras with smaller sensors. In comparison, the segment of cameras with full-frame sensors is developing particularly positively and shows continuing market growth. This development has prompted Leica Camera AG to discontinue its CL/TL2-System cameras, in order to realign itself strategically with these market changes. Going forward, the company will primarily focus its attention on the production of full-frame cameras.”

What happens to customers that pick up either of those two in the meantime? The company plans on providing another six years of support which is pretty good considering most people didn’t know this was coming. It is worth noting that these cameras are still showing up as supported on Leica’s website and, when reached for comment by multiple websites, the company has yet to respond. That means this is either something that got out early or it could be a rumor entirely although signs point to number one being the actual scenario here.

Were you a fan of the CL or TL2? Let us know your thoughts on their discontinuation in the comments below.

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I carry both the Leica SL and the TL2. My love of the TL2has taken some time, but became deeper over time with more exposure to the camera and it’s system. I love it so much I sold ALL of my Fuji gear, including my X100V.

The CL and TL2 are important, convenient, and essential to the Leica ecosphere. This is a bad busi ess decision on Leica’s part.

After all, Leica cameras transcend time, and some cameras take years to be discovered.

I am with you. Although I own their M, Q, and SL cameras, I will be keeping my TL2 with its 18 mm for casual shooting. Easy to get someone to take my pictures when traveling.

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