Trying to Get Paid: Apple Will Pay Photographers in “Shot on iPhone” Contest


Apple announced the kickoff of their annual “Shot on iPhone” contest last week (we brought you that story – you can read it here).

Of course, nothing on the Internet doesn’t come without some flavor of controversy so, naturally, people took issue with Apple and its contest – namely whether or not they were going to pay “Shot on iPhone” contest winners.

Some people thought that Apple was only offering the dreaded “exposure” that so many creatives loathe but, alas, the company killed that scandal quick with not only a promise to compensate iPhone photographers but also the company issued a statement talking about how important it is that creative people be paid for their work.

A statement from the company reads in part: “Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels.”

To be fair, the original contest rules didn’t make any mention of compensation for the winning participants. It did go on to great length to tell photographers all the things that Apple could possibly do with the photos, but there definitely wasn’t any mention of money.

So, the whole scandal would seem to be a wash from a standpoint of winners and losers: Apple is going to pay the winners and has updated its contest terms thus ending the Internet scandal.

Or did it?

Now people are crowing that Apple was forced to change its ways and that this is yet another example of the multibillion dollar company from Cupertino trying to screw the little guy.

Thus the cycle begins again.

In other words, welcome to the Internet.

What are your thoughts? Has Apple caved to Internet pressure or was the company really trying to offer up “exposure” as the reward for winning? Let us know in the comments.

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