The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom

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Photographers look to maximize the amount of time they spend behind the camera and minimize the amount of time spent in post-processing. But time spent post-processing is a fact of life; no point in fretting over it. Since it's something that has to be done, why not aim to make your workflow as efficient as possible? This is where keyboard shortcuts can be of tremendous help.

The last time we covered shortcuts at Light Stalking, it was all about Apple's Aperture software. This time, it's Lightroom's turn. Below, you will find the full array of known keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom 5, presented for both Mac and Windows users. If you would like all the shortcuts in a single pdf file to download, you can get it here.

Download the whole PDF here!

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is a certified Adobe Lightroom expert and author of the excellent Lightroom Queen blog. She writes regularly on photography post processing and has published several excellent books.
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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom

  1. Bob Martino

    Your list of shortcuts is very informative, however, it is almost impossible to
    read them. Is it possible to magnify them or make them easier to read?
    Thanks, Bob Martino-Professional Photographer

    1. Jadia Ward

      If you scroll over each image and click on it then you will go to the image link. Then save it to your computer file. It is most readable once you have click on the image and saved it. Hope this helps.

  2. Martino

    Very helpful indeed. There’s nothing worse than having to continually scroll through multiple drop-down menus to perform a task or action when you know a keystroke or two will get the job done in a fraction of the time — only if you knew what they were! Now I know! Time to put them to practise. Thank you!

  3. MichaelB

    very good list but I would like to see a list by keystoke in alphanumerical order – this I feeel would be a better way to learn them. (harks back to days of DOS where a question would be asked ” what does that keystroke do?” )Do you know of one?


  4. John Gunkler

    Thanks very much. The list isn’t daunting to me because I choose to use only a few of these shortcuts regularly and, if I want another I can find it here.

    Are there any changes or additions to this list for Lightroom 6?

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