Underwater Drone Follows You Around Autonomously with AI


Underwater drones with cameras aren’t anything new and novel but their accessibility in the wider market sure is. 

a large group of fish swimming in the ocean
A large group of fish swimming in the ocean. Photo by NEOM

This has allowed many people who enjoy both diving and photography to harness the best of both worlds and create some pretty transformative content in the process. 

And to think that all of this was the purview of huge movie studios and production companies in the past.

Well, it’s all about to get a bit better now that AI is in the mix (you know, our new favorite topic around here). 

Qysea developed an underwater photography drone that is capable of following a diver around underwater using the AI found in its appropriately named AI Diver Tracking Function. 

As you can probably imagine, it’s a pretty complicated piece of kit. The AI analyzes a diver’s movements and it does this in real-time which enables Qysea to adapt to the diver’s change in direction as well as depth. 

It can also track more than one diver with one test case example being synchronized swimming where the drone can pull back to make sure all divers are captured in the field of view, PetaPixel reports. The third function is real-time monitoring which “synchronizes” the diver’s view and surface view.  

Describing the technology, Qysea writes: 

“AI Diver Tracking ensures continuous monitoring of divers in underwater engineering, providing real-time updates on their measurements. Enhancing life safety in challenging underwater environments, it synchronizes footage for onshore personnel. During underwater conservation efforts, AI Diver Tracking locks onto multiple divers, offering stable tracking and support for initiatives like marine debris cleanup. Focusing on rescue personnel, AI Diver Tracking ensures real-time follow-ups, confirms search and rescue situations, and enhances overall efficiency by transmitting underwater information to onshore personnel.”

If you know anything about underwater photography, please share in the comments. Also, any thoughts you might have on underwater camera drones are welcome as well. 

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