Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 Revealed


There’s little doubt that photography is both an art and a science.

white and black shark in water
White and black shark in water. Photo by Gabriel Dizzi

But sometimes there’s a little bit of extreme sports thrown in there, particularly when it comes to wildlife photography, sports photography, and underwater photography. After all, especially in the case of the last option, you not only need to know what you’re doing with a camera but also you need to be a competent diver.

And even with the advent of underwater drones that will follow and record divers underwater (think of it as a kind of automated Jacques Costeau crew), there are still a lot of challenges when it comes to capturing pictures beneath the waves. 

That’s part of the reason it’s great that things like contests exist. We get to see some amazing talent on display and the creators behind the art get the recognition they deserve. Plus, we all learn something in the process. 

Specifically, this year’s Underwater Photographer of the Year winner reminded this writer that there is an entire other world that exists in the world’s bodies of water and it is one that is both reminiscent yet also alien to our own. 

The winner for this year’s contest showed a diver swimming above a set of whale bones resting on the ocean floor. Containing everything you want in a photograph of any kind, the capture is even more magical when you consider the myriad of logistics involved.

Beating more than 6,500 entries, winner Alex Dawson’s amazing capture was among entries that captured everything from wildlife to synchronized swimming. You can check out some of the entries and categorial winners over on the BBC website

Any thoughts you might have on underwater photography and, particularly, this year’s winner, are welcome in the comments below. 

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