29 Enchanting Photos Of Waterfalls


Photographing waterfalls can be a fun thing for photographers and at the same time quite challenging if you do not get the settings right and use the right equipment. While silky smooth waterfalls photography requires mounting the camera on a tripod, sometimes photographers get away with handholding their camera for 1/2 or 1 second, which is not recommended.

Using a tripod gives sharp images and allows you to flexibly compose the shot. For waterfall photography, stop down the aperture, use a slow shutter speed, low iso value, a tripod, and a neutral density filter for enchanting images.

Here are 29 enchanting images of waterfalls that will inspire you to go out (no matter what the location and size of the waterfall is) and photograph them using the right settings and gear.

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waterfalls under blue skies
Photo by v2osk
Photo by  Sebastian Beck
waterfall under grey sky
Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing
Photo by Matthew DeVries
Photo by Rudolf Kirchner
waterfalls during daytime
Photo by Zo Razafindramamba
person standing on cliff near large waterfalls under blue sky at daytime
Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing

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water falls
Photo by Grahame Jenkins
waterfalls near trees
Photo by Thomas Despeyroux
Photo by Arnie Chou
Photo by Missy Fant
Photo by Andy Vu
Photo by Diego Madrigal
waterfalls at center of mountain
Photo by Megan Johnston

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Photo by Ray Bilcliff
Photo by Archie Binamira
mountains with fog
Photo by Sean Pierce
person standing front of water falls
Photo by Muhamad Rizal Firmansyah
Photo by Felix Mittermeier
landscape photography of waterfalls
Photo by Ishaan Kansal
waterfalls surrounded by green-leafed trees during daytime
Photo by Anders Ipsen

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waterfalls under clear sky during daytime digital wallpaper
Photo by Thiago Sanchez
Photo by Jeremy Mosley
Photo by Diego Rezende
Photo by Avery Nielsen-Webb
bridge in between trees
Photo by Dave Hoefler
Photo by Jesus Vas
Photo by Crizaldy Diverson
Photo by Nitin Sharma

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