41 Stunning Examples of Waterfall Photography


Very few photographs can be more stunning than a well-executed photo of a waterfall. Just as they are one of the most beautiful things in nature, good photographers are able to make them one of the favourite subjects of photography fans everywhere. We think this selection of creative commons shots by various photographers is among the best we have seen. If you’d like to know more about taking photos like these, don’t forget to check out the resource links below.

If you love waterfalls and landscapes then definitely check out our Landscape Photos page for more inspiration and links to other collections. The is a wonderful resource that covers everything you need to know about capturing beautiful landscapes like these.

If you are looking to take your landscapes to the next level then one of the very best landscape photography courses online you can get is Kent Dufault's excellent The Complete Landscape Photography Guide. This is a comprehensive course covering gear, camera settings and post-production. You won't be disappointed.

Johannes Plenio
Frank Winkler
Lars Nissen
Sven Lachmann
Christian Birkholz
Quang Nguyen Vinh
Sven Lachmann
Jake Colvin
Lars Nissen
Carmen Ong
Joey Kyber
Jerzy Gorecki
Magnus D'Great M
Steven Hylands

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Tomáš Malčo Malík
Quang Nguyen Vinh
Archie Binamira
Cristiano Neto
Arnie Chou
Rudolf Kirchner
Felix Mittermeier
julie aagaard
Jesus Vas
Wendy Corniquet
Buwaneka Boralessa
Сергей Наревич
Simon Matzinger
Ray Bilcliff
Rachel Xiao
Holger Detje
Simon Migaj
Ray Bilcliff
Adi kavazovic
Rudolf Kirchner
Quang Nguyen Vinh
Jaesung An
Wendy Corniquet
Jimbo Chan
Jaesung An

We hope you've enjoyed this waterfall gallery. If you are interested in taking your own beautiful waterfall photos then definitely take a look at Kent Dufault's fantastic The Complete Landscape Photography Guide. It is a guide you will keep returning to. 

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Reminds me of some of mine, only I don’t push the softness to quite the extreme presented here. If I were to choose, they would be ovaratli and Mafrini pieces. I like the light and the power of ovaratli’s pieces without the over-exposure and while Magrini has overexposed his b&W treatment is excellent.

Well, although these not ‘hard’ photos to make, they still look very impressive. The 1st and the 3rd looks .. insanely beautiful.
Thank you for this collection 🙂

(BTW, I tried to DM you on twitter, and couldn’t from some reason :\ )

@Rich – Fair call – I kind of prefer the softer ones, but I guess it’s down to personal taste. Thanks for stopping by!

@Barb – Glad you approve!

@Ilan – Had some problems with twitter software yesterday and ended up unfollowing a bunch of people that I didn’t want to!! Arghghg! Should be right again now!

Bridal Veil falls is a beautiful place to photograph. Unfortunately, this shot is far from one of the best I’ve seen of it. This one seems to be terribly blown out. For some great shots here, check out Gary Randall’s fantastic work on Flickr.

Iguazu Falls are in Argentina!!! NOT in Brazil!!! The Brazil border is near the falls but only near. All you can see in the picture is inside Argentine borders

Mauricio is right Iguazu Falls is in Argentina. I studied the maps closely and the border is several metres running north between the rio iguacu island and falls. the entire Iguazu Falls is on the Argentina side south of the border

C:\Users\Tim\Pictures\Better Photo\Sony\map.jpg

I prefer the veiling of water. When I see these places in person, the real-life awe and beauty looks more like these photos to my eyes, than do the short exposure shots, that look harsh and unrealistic to me. I believe it’s all in how each individual sees reality, because reality is subjective, especially to an artistic eye.

As to the blown out areas, my solution to that is Singh-Ray nuetral density filters in varying stops. I wouldn’t shoot without them.

These are beautiful and inspiring shots. Thankx for posting them.

Beautiful! But each photo is also a link, and somebody needs to help the admins grasp that right-clicking on an image doesn’t mean “I’m stealing your content”, it means “I want to open this link IN A NEW TAB so I don’t have to navigate away from lightstalking.com.” As it is, if you want to follow the link you can’t do that without either going to the trouble of turning off javascript to disable the silly little pop-up and re-enable tabbed browsing, or else leaving lightstalking.com and its advertisers behind–heh, maybe not exactly what they would want if they thought about it.

You’re right, these are stunning. Some great monochrome work – somehow the beauty of the water seems to come through most strongly without the distraction of some of the strong colours in this selection. But congratulations on putting it together – most interesting and it wakens the travel bug for sure!

These are wonderful shots. I love shooting waterfalls and am always intrigued by how others shoot them. Now I need to go and visit each one for myself!

Just makes me realize how many wonderful places there still are in the world for me to see. Thank you so much for posting this collection of stunning waterfalls. I especially love Iguazu Fallis in black and white.

Warm wishes,
Mia Glanville

beautiful capture..my first try with waterfall photography was nt dat gud..as i used a fast shutter speed and gt lots of grains in my pic..just a pic taken for experimenting with slow shutter speed & filters is one of the favorite one that i hav caught!

Beautiful. I prefer the ones without special effects. Water doesn't need to be gussied up and glamorous. Natural looks better. I love Iguazu Falls!

I am in awe. I am just starting out, I don’t have a flash camera, but to know that there is beauty unlike anything I’ve seen simply flat lines me.

I think, some pictures here are over-painted, and thus seem synthesized (e.g. Seljalandsfoss). I like mostly natural ones — “Iguazu Falls” by Mr Punto and “Frozen Swallow Falls” by Zachstern.

All of these photos demonstrate intense color. I imagine that, if they were displayed in an art gallery, they could leave visitors with a greater sense of awe and wonder than if they saw these water falls with their own eyes.

The first 14 are great, but not so the last one by Avi. I’m not a fan of blown highlights and these are clearly apparent in the water and the patch of sky. A more careful choice of exposure and possibly shooting in RAW would have made this a stunning shot!

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