Yashica Revival Dead on Arrival According to Reports


One epic saga that we have covered here since the project’s inception is that of reviving the legendary Japanese optical brand, Yashica.

Image via Yashica video on YouTube by Yashica

After raising tons of money through a successful Kickstarter project, Yashica has finally delivered on its reincarnation, the Y35 digiFilm, and reports were initially mixed but now they’re downright abysmal.

The PetaPixel headline says it all: “Yashica’s ‘Unexpected’ Y35 Camera is Worse Than Anyone Expected.”

Initially we told you about project backers receiving what amounted to units with cheap construction and limited functionality.

Basically the wide-release version is now different with many comparing the vaunted Yashica return to a toy camera.

This, of course, is jarring for fans of the company given the brand’s history. But people need to keep in mind that this modern incarnation is not the same as the original Yashica.

Another thing that isn’t going over well in the market is the digiFilm concept – a half analog, digital system that approximates the actions of an analog camera but remains a digital unit. It sounds cute on paper but apparently isn't terribly innovative or interesting in practice. Who would have thought?

Outside of that some of the complaints are kind of hilarious such as “camera shuts off when the shutter is pressed” and “incorrect labeling on digiFilm rolls.” That's just basic stuff. 

It sounds like a shambolic mess and backers are none too pleased, making their displeasure known loud and clear on the Yashica Y35 digiFilm Kickstarter page by blazing a hot trail of anger in the comments section, calling the camera everything from a “scam” to a cash grab.

Consumers can be a fickle lot but reports that the image quality on the new camera is worse than that of a toy camera does not bode well for things at all. That, topped with the fake buttons molded in “for looks,” it sounds like someone is absolutely wiping their feet with the legendary brand name.

But, as we reported yesterday, many optical projects fizzle out and don’t give anything to backers. At least Yashica delivered…something.

“Expect the unexpected,” indeed. 

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I purchased one. My comment on their blog stated, “One word come to mind- disappointment. It was not worth the wait or the money.”

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