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Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), writer, and music lover. You can see Jason’s photography on Flickr, his Website or his Blog.

8 Easy Ways to Become a Better Photographer


The mindful photographer should be concerned not only with acquiring skills but, more importantly, mastering those skills. Skill mastery is better perceived as a journey rather than a final destination, something that takes places over the course of a lifetime. With technological innovations persistently growing, a photographer’s skills should be expanding in due accordance. But […]

5 Ways to Make Your Street Photography More Interesting


Countless photographers and photography critics have engaged in lively debates about the precise definition of street photography. There are those who think of street photography as occurring primarily in an urban setting; others feel that street photography must include human subjects. These are ultimately inconsequential distinctions if we simply state that street photography is photography […]

DSLR vs. Mirrorless: There is No Debate to Settle


Anyone who has been involved in photography long enough should be familiar with the sometimes contentious debate about the differences, whether real or imagined, between film and digital. Which exhibits better dynamic range? Which has better resolution? How much better? The digital medium has established itself as the imaging standard, and most who still engage […]

5 More Photography Apps Every iPhone Owner Should Check Out


Love it or hate it, Apple’s iPhone sits atop the list of most popular cameras by Flickr members. While some photographers have taken a hardline stance against so-called iPhoneography being counted as “real” photography, there is clearly a thriving community of iPhone (as well as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG and others) shooters who take what they do seriously; recognizing that earnestness is important. But there’s also an element of good ol’ fun associated with mobile photography. Indeed, the versatility of such devices sits high amongst the traits that make them so popular. As one might expect, there is a seemingly bottomless pool of apps designed with iPhone photographers in mind, apps that cater both to more serious users looking to maximize their creativity and those just looking to have some fun — not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive. Here is another round of iPhone apps that will appeal to a wide range of iPhoneographers, regardless of your skill level.