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Run a Better Photography Business With a Value Stream

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When you first open the doors for business and start offering your photography services to friends of friends and strangers, people you don’t personally know, it’s easy to quickly feel bewildered. It might hit you all at once that these people really have no reason to cut you slack. Suddenly you feel how important it is to stay organized. It gives you the confidence to make quick, decisive and accurate decisions.

So You Want to Use My Images For Free?

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It’s quite a poetic note, isn’t it? How many times has this happened to you? Once, twice, yearly, monthly even…….? What do you do? Well firstly, take it as a compliment. But seriously, someone thinks your work is high enough quality to represent their company – that’s a real accomplishment! Kudos to you. But for free? Well, we’ll see about that.

How to Use Facebook and Social Networking to Speed-Feed Your Photography Addiction

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It feels pretty cool when a post on a photography Facebook page or other social site receives fast responses of likes, comments and shares. It’s even cooler, when these come from other photographers we respect. While ‘Likes’ don’t pay the bills, they broaden our reach and provide feedback to our work. It’s easy to utilize the power of social networking to complement your photography.

A Look at 500px for Showcasing your Images

Most of us know and enjoy Flickr, it has been around for around 9 years now, a veritable lifetime in internet years. Whilst a massive and popular site, Flickr is perhaps not the best way these days to showcase your images. It is awash with snapshots of just about everything, from holiday snaps to unboxing […]