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How Not to Get Burned When Buying a Used Lens


Whether you’re doing photography in a professional way or as a passion, it’s an expensive discipline. And we are not just talking about cameras and lenses, but about almost any other accessory that’s necessary for our photos to turn out the way we want them to be. Nowadays, with digital, we save a lot in […]

How to Get Started in DSLR Photography for Under $300

My trusty old 1000D with Helios 44m-4 mounted via an Fotodiox adapter.

There is a common misconception that learning DSLR photography, and taking great shots, always requires gear that costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Yes, photography can get expensive. No smartphone will give you the control and quality that a DSLR can put out, nor the options. But it also doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. […]

How to Buy a DSLR and What to Look For


So, you finally decided to step up the game from that point-and-shoot and go for a DSLR? Well, congratulations, you are in for many surprises. First of all, I must disagree with all that you think of DSLRs. No, getting a DSLR will not make your photos better instantly, but it will serve as a […]

How to Pack Light for Travel Photography


While anyone can be a travel photographer with a little practice and some investment in equipment and study, the truly professional travel photographers are always searching for new subjects and themes and new ways to portray those places that everyone knows. While travel photography is often a lot of fun in comparison with other genres, […]

The Nikon D5: Is it the Last of Its Kind?


This sort of question will always stir the emotions of any photographer and whilst we are here, and for the sake of balance we should add that the Canon EOS-1DX II and indeed any other professional DSLRs could have been used in the title. I should also add, that for those with an extreme passion […]

3 Prime Lenses to Consider for Street Photography


Let’s talk about prime lenses for street photography. Almost since its inception the genre has been dominated by a few specific focal lengths. And there are good reasons for that – both practical and aesthetic. So let’s take a look at them and explore some of the reasons any budding street photographer might want to […]