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Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Lens Sharpness

How overblown is the issue of lens sharpness? It’s a loaded question, I know. If you were to give any credence to the chatter found on numerous photography forums, blogs, and test sites found around the Web, one might be inclined to think that lens sharpness is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, a lot […]

A Brief Guide to Buying Secondhand Lenses


One of the biggest pluses to come out of the rapid expansion of photography from a fairly niche pastime to a mainstream high profile activity is the proliferation of second hand equipment that now floods the market. In part this is driven by the much shorter production cycles of digital cameras. A typical consumer mode […]

This is How Lens Parameters Affect Your Photographs


The function of camera lenses is dictated by several key parameters, such as shape and size. In this article, I’ll try to discuss the most important and most common lens parameters, while pointing you towards resources for learning more about the lesser-known ones. Photo by Focal Length and Aperture  Photo by The most important parameters on each […]

What is the Perfect Travel Lens?

So before we go to far, if you are expecting the answer to the question this article poses, there isn’t one. If there was, it would be a 14-600mm f2.8 pancake lens with optical stabilisation. Of course that is physically impossible today and probably for a long time ahead. The fact is travelling is hard […]