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Why I Downgraded Gear To Upgrade My Photography


Nineteen years ago I got my first real camera, a Canon EOS Rebel X.  This 35mm film camera for me was something I had been lusting after for years, all the way back to the famous Andre Agassi campaign with the famous catch-line stop taking snapshots and start taking photographs.  The days of mullets have […]

How To Calibrate Your Vintage Lens


Those who love vintage lenses are aware that achieving infinity focus can sometimes be quite tricky. But having a vintage lens can also give you a lot of creative control if you get things right. Let’s take a look at some of the causes of this frustration with using vintages lenses and how you can […]

7 Simple Maintenance and Care Tips to Keep Your Digital Camera in Great Shape


Camera bodies, lenses and accessories are significant investments that require care. They start the day with us at sunrise, finish at sunsets and stick with us for the many moments in between. They attend parties, milestone events, embark with us on travel or when we’re just kicking around the house looking for something to shoot. Many take care of their gear after every outing. Some wait until it’s very obvious that a good cleaning and maintenance is well overdue. With a few dollars and a few minutes of routine care time, your investment will require less costly maintenance. Read on for simple care tips that will ensure your gear continues to provide you with beautiful, clear images for many years.

7 Ways to Save Money on Your New Photography Gear

new photography gear

Okay, so it’s time to upgrade your gear. You’re quite sure it’s not just another case of G.A.S.; this time isn’t about trying to keep up with market trends. You really have outgrown your starter camera; you’re ditching all those variable aperture zoom lenses; you’ve taken up macro or wildlife photography. There are quite a few logically sound reasons why you might need to purchase new photography gear.