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21 Majestic Photos of Lions

The mighty lion. It is ferocious, majestic, and powerful. It’s the king of the jungle for a good reason. Despite the high intimidation factor associated with lions, they’re extremely popular with humans. When kids visit the zoo, lions are usually near the top of the list of animals they want to see first. And people who go on safari know that the lions are the main draw, even if they won’t admit it outright. Yeah, landscapes, elephants, wildebeests, whatever. It’s all about the lions. Because they’re spectacularly photogenic.

Here’s proof.

Yo El Rey by flickrohit, on Flickr

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Lion Eyes by puliarf, on Flickr

Mr. Lonely by Ali -Arsh, on Flickr

Hungry by *~Dawn~*, on Flickr

Open Wide! by left-hand, on Flickr

Untitled by Good Eye Might, on Flickr

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