19 Awesome Photographs Of Abandoned Houses


Halloween is lurking around the corner!

Now it's the perfect time to practice urbex photography and create stunning images with eerie vibes. It's best to shoot such images in the early morning or late evening and take advantage of soft, diffused light. Just don't forget about safety, and have a companion when exploring abandoned buildings.

Check out our collection of 19 eerily beautiful shots of abandoned houses! To learn more about compositional tricks you can use to improve your urbex photography, download this super useful e-book on Advanced Composition.

Photo by Gwendal Cottin
Photo by Jean Wimmerlin
Photo by Michael Förtsch
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi
Photo by Quino Al
Photo by Eleonora
Photo by Maksim Istomin
Photo by Greg Panagiotoglou
Photo by Herman Bjørheim
Photo by Niclas Dehmel

Learn more about compositional techniques and improve your urbex shots dramatically! Download this e-book on Advanced Composition.

You'll get:

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Photo by Samuel Branch
Photo by John Hult
Photo by Patrick Fore
Photo by Pine Watt
Photo by Jean Wimmerlin
Photo by Noah Silliman
Photo by Jens Lindner
Photo by Egor Litvinov
Photo by Aaron Burden

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