Another DJI Drone Leaps Into the Volcano in Iceland


We’re not the only people who can’t get enough of these videos of drones flying into a volcano in Iceland.

Photo by Pixabay
from Pexels.

And today’s video is not wildly different from the rest we’ve shared with you though the pilot in this instance didn’t actually intend to lose the drone.

If you will recall, in one instance we had a drone hit by lava, and in another one that died and plummeted to its end in the volcano, among others.

PetaPixel reports that videographer Joey Helms lost his DJI FPV in Iceland when the drone itself got too close to lava.

“FPV drones are notorious for crashing, it is part of the hobby…So in an effort to get a unique vantage point and perspective into the crater, we flew this remarkably capable drone as close to the lava river and caldera as possible. One of them turned out to be its very last flight. At least the goggles record a great 1080p image allowing us to actually capture the last seconds the drone saw,” Helms told the website.

The footage is so stunning that it has led some Internet users to speculate that it is fake.

We’ll let you judge for yourself. You can watch the video over at this link right here. Fake or not, it’s really cool, and we can’t really fault people for being skeptical given the kinds of lengths people will go to get attention.

Would you willingly sacrifice a drone for some once-in-a-lifetime footage of a volcano erupting? What do you think of the proliferation of these stories lately? Give us your thoughts on Iceland’s volcano tourism in the comments below.

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