Another Nikon Camera Discontinued


Nikon just made it official, the D500 is discontinued effective immediately.

Photo by Gabriel Mihalcea

This comes after weeks of speculation about dwindling retail channel supply for the vaunted DSLR.

And, depending on where you stand, the loss of the D500 is either just another notch in the continuing decline of the DSLR segment, or perhaps the model is another victim of the constrained supply chains plaguing much of the electronics industry since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Nikon Rumors expects this won’t be the last discontinuation with the website targeting the D850 as the next model likely to get the ax.

Some of you might recall our surprising report back in December 2021 about how the new Nikon Z9 won’t start shipping until October 2022. That hasn’t stopped the reviews – and praise – from rolling in, nor has it made some of us any less excited for the camera that has the press raving about its features.

That said, given that a top-of-the-line model is struggling to make it to market, we aren’t surprised to see older products go away in the meantime.

Of course, Nikon cameras aren’t the only thing experiencing supply difficulties. A report from October of last year indicated that the company was having a hard time keeping many accessories available. Couple that with production issues of DSLR lenses and it seems like Nikon is having a tough time of it lately whether the product is new or old, camera or not.

Have you experienced any delays in receiving a camera or new gear because of COVID-19? Let us know your experience in the comments below if you like.

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