This App Suggests Instagram Hashtags for Your Photos By Using Machine Learning


If you’re like me and you’re at a loss as to what hashtags to attach to your Instagram works of art then Photerloo has a solution for us.

Photerloo is a web app that analyzes your picture and suggests hashtags for Instagram based upon what it sees. Basically it does what you would do yourself except for in a much quicker, way-more-optimized fashion.

The Photerloo web-based service uses machine learning to determine what hashtags are best for your photo and it is offered in a minimalist website format that is ideal for either desktop or mobile users.

To use Photerloo, simply upload a photo and allow it to suggest hashtags. You can delete hashtags (and receive a new suggestion) by clicking on the x in the highlighted box.

Once you’ve verified your selected hashtags, they will be copied to your clipboard for pasting into Instagram.

Pasting the saved words from your clipboard to your Instagram post is simple – typically, you need only hover over the hashtag input area and select “Paste” once the menu of options appears on your screen.

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You can adjust a slider bar to control the number of hashtags suggested and you can also use a filter to apply only popular Instagram hashtags – a real time saver and a boost for those social media mavens looking for the greatest outreach with the least effort.

Peta Pixel spoke with Photerloo and the website's creators had this to say: “Many photographers find that choosing the most popular Instagram tags like #instagood is not a good strategy it is difficult to compete for being a top post…So, it is important to choose tags that are popular enough to get a lot of traffic but still realistic to win a top post spot that can result in a lot of extra exposure and followers for the photographer.”

If you need an easy solution to finding the perfect hashtags for your Instagram posts, Photerloo might be worth a look. You can find their website by clicking here.

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