What Does Getting It Right In Camera Really Mean Today?

In the past week, I’ve heard the phrase “getting it right in camera” from a few photographers in spirited conversations. We all agree that getting it right in camera today has the same meaning as it did in the days of film. At the same time, there’s also a different view behind this phrase. Optimum […]

Get to Know Lightroom’s Local Adjustment Tools

How often do you use Lightroom’s local adjustment tools? These three powerful tools rock the smallest adjustment to big details across areas of your image. The main sliders in Lightroom’s Develop module apply changes to the total image. When working with local adjustment tools, you’re making changes to targeted areas within the image. What are […]

4 Steps To Photographing Statues And Sculptures

Statues and sculpture range broadly from historical figures, modern abstracts in a variety of materials to mass produced replicas of the real thing. Photographing sculptures and statues (we’ll use these interchangeably) is an artist’s view of another artist’s work. When photographing a sculpture, it can tell a story. It can also be ‘just another sculpture […]