Delirious Over Dahlias: Flower Photography Tips

Many avid flower lovers get deliriously, or should I say ‘dahleriously’ giddy over dahlias. What’s not to love? Their colors, textures, lines and curves have been appreciated around the world for centuries. They’re found in pages of magazines, gardens, bridal bouquets, flower arrangements, paintings and photographs. Dahlias were originally recorded in Mexico in the early […]

2 Easy Ways to Capture Brilliant Starbursts in Your Photographs

Have you ever wondered how photographers are able to depict lights with a star effect along piers, boardwalks or a sunrise with trailing rays peering through beams? One easy way is with a star filter. The other requires a simple technique using the light, the camera and the aperture (f/stop) settings. Either way, the stars are within your reach (couldn’t resist the pun). Examples of lights that can be cast into starbursts include (but are not limited to) lighted street posts, holiday lights, leading lights on a pier or street, the sun, a candle and even a lightbulb.