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Summer is a season when most people are outdoors and if there is a beach nearby, people enjoy taking a break or having a vacation by the beach. It is a time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, soak in the waters, relax and rejuvenate oneself. Photographers who enjoy the beaches have endless opportunities for photography.

Besides photographing seascapes, there are other things that can be photographed at the beach, for example, life on the beach. From macro to wide angle shots, beach life covers an extensive range of subjects and one just needs to be creative and look around to find the perfect subject and then use the surrounding elements and background to tell a story. Here are some images of beach life that will inspire you to hit the beach and capture creative photographs.

Photo by Nick Fewings

There are times when you are in a place and you run out of ideas or creativity to photography anything around. The beach itself may look boring sometimes if you do not stop and observe close enough as there are endless photographic opportunities at the beach. If you are in a situation like that, we recommend you to check out “The Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy so you can open your mind to the possibilities around you.

Photo by Dulcey Lima
Photo by Nick Karvounis
Photo by Austin Distel
Photo by troy williams
Photo byAmy Perez
Photo by Austin Neill 

We cannot always be traveling to exotic locations to creatively photograph something but there are a lot of fun and exciting projects that you can work on by photographing in a beach near where you live. “The Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy is intended to give you that kick-start towards stimulating your own ideas and projects.

Photo by jcob nasyr
Photo by Jakob Owens 
Photo by Zoltan Tasi
Photo by Gavin Allanwood 

Light can be one of the major concerns during the day time when photographing in a beach and as a result, most photographers tend to stay indoors when they can actually find ways to photograph creatively, any time in a beach. If you need a method to spark your photographic creativity, then “The Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy will give you that instantly. This 207 page guide covers 20 chapters of creativity-sparking assignments and ideas.

Photo by Abegail Reyes
Photo by Andreas Dress
Photo by Christian Gabele 
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger 

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