How to Photograph Beach Life for Great Shots


Spring break goes hand in hand with vacations at the beach. A break from winter? Head somewhere warm to the beach. Summer in the northern states? A fire and s'mores (a graham cracker, Hershey's milk chocolate and fire-toasted marshmallow sandwich) on the beach. Almost any time of year, the beach offers a relaxing, recharging destination. For photographers, pick a photography passion and the beach serves up subjects, backdrops with lot's of diversity.

From slow/long exposure, traditional, abstract, macro, wide angles, ‘street meets beach', night and telephoto photography, all have a place. Our creativity options are limitless.

Coral and Surf

In addition to beach and waves, look for coral reefs, beach grass and flowers. The coral reef below was taken at Coral Cove in Jupiter, Florida just after sunrise. A neutral density filter was used to slow the water's movement.


Traditional Beach Chairs With Long Exposure

Pick a chair, grab your favorite beverage, book or camera, and just enjoy the view beachside. Start the blue hour with a long exposure of chairs looking out on the horizon.


A Little Abstract

Beach umbrellas are used to cover and protect us from the sun's harsh rays. They also decorate beaches with a full spectrum of colors. In this case, looking up, the edges of umbrella's colors look festive against a blue sky.


Many Macro Moments

The sand, seashells, rocks, beachglass are just a few of the many macro potentials. The lone seashell is warmed by the golden hour sun and a few sparkles in the sand.



Children on the beach always brings a smile. The young child walking at sunset recalls happy childhood memories.


Pets and Other Action

Action is always happening at the beach and our canine partners love a good frisbee toss.


Leading Lines

Leading lines don't always need to be piers and boardwalks on the beach. These two buddies paw trails are heading home after a long day of play.


Think Street Photography… On the beach

For those of us who enjoy our street photography, sand replaces pavement. Toss in a conversion of the image to black and white and a whole new feeling emerges.


Wide Angles and Big Views

As the day fades, bright sunshine starts to soften as the golden hour emerges before fading into the blue hour. Sand, rocks, and happy faces glow in the late afternoon sun.


The use of a wide angle adds that little something to an already fun, lively photo.


Taking Advantage of the Night


Rich hues, the sound of water splashing against the shoreline are combined with a relaxing stroll. Night photography along the beach is a pleasant, calm way to end the day.

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Very nice….great advice! I’m headed south to the Gulf in June, and hope I get the chance to try a night shot or two.

Great tips and photos! I just moved from Wisconsin to South Florida and I am having a blast photographing beach life. This article has given me even more inspiration!

Hi Evelyn…as someone who lives in Michigan just want to say congratulations on your move to a beautiful, sunny, warm area. So many great areas to photograph. Have fun and thank you for your comments!

I liked the post… I’ve been thinking about going sightseeing in this region of Cancun! One of the things I like most about this region is the rich places to ride and entertainment and besides these buildings and houses reminds me of many movies… really is a wonderful place to visit in the summer season.

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