How To Use Geometry For Creative Composition In Photography

In most photographs, geometry already exists without you even making an attempt to incorporate it intentionally into your photograph. Think about the compositional guidelines we use in our day to day photography when capturing a photo – they all have some form of geometry as the basis. Almost all photographs that we capture have geometry incorporated in them in some form or the other. 
In this article, we will look at how to use geometry for creative compositions in photography.

What Makes A Photograph Interesting?

I was once exploring photos from other photographers while browsing a photography forum when I came across a rather interesting post. There was a discussion on whether or not subjects have to be interesting before you photograph them. This made me curious allowing me to think of my own thought process when it comes to shooting different subjects. It also made me wonder – why do we shoot what we shoot? Here are some ideas on how to create an interesting image.