Why Lightroom’s Enhance Super Resolution Rocks

There’s a relatively new little feature in Lightroom that produces big results. Lightroom’s Enhance Super Resolution feature is more than great. It totally rocks. This feature is not brand new, as it’s already in the Adobe family. A couple of weeks ago Jason Row wrote How to Use Super Resolution in Photoshop. A fantastic, detailed […]

How To Use Super Resolution In Photoshop

In March 2021 and without any great fanfare, Adobe slipped a new tool into their Adobe Raw processing software. It was called Super Resolution and it did exactly what its names suggested, increased the resolution of RAW files. Despite Adobe’s low-key release, the Internet hailed this new tool as a revolution in post-production. Some commentators […]

ProCamera App Review

Back in 2007, I bought the original iPhone 1. By today’s standards, it would be slow, sluggish, and lacking in functionality. It was however revolutionary and one of the things that helped it be revolutionary was its camera. Now, no-one in their right mind is going to say that the original iPhone’s camera was good. […]