A Review Of Sandmarc Hybrid Filters.

A few weeks ago, Sandmarc reached out to us to review their new Anamorphic Lens for iPhones. You can read that review here. The review highlighted the uses of the lens, it’s advantages and also some of the negatives. Sandmarc thanked us for our honesty and asked if we would be prepared to review another […]

Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens Review

Those of a certain age may well remember films being shot in Cinemascope. In fact, even today when we see these films on TV you will still see the Cinemascope branding at the beginning. But what was Cinemascope and why is it relevant to a review of the Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens?  Just to clarify, Sandmarc […]

Using Video Sites To Boost Your Profile

One of the great satisfactions of photography is to receive praise for the quality of your work. When people recognise both the creativity and technical ability that you have put into getting an image, it acts as inspiration for you to do even better.  However, as you may have noticed, getting yourself seen to the […]